Check Request Procedures


Administrative Support Check Request Processing

  1. Review all Expense Request Forms submitted for processing.  Form must be completed and have appropriate approval.
  2. Complete Excel Electronic Check Request Form.  (Available on Accounts Payable website.)
  3. Secure all proper signatures on Check Request Form
  4. Send Accounts Payable the original Check Request Form, copy of the Invoice and copy receipt(s).
  5. Undergraduate Studies Office keeps copy of Check Request Form, original receipts and original Invoice
  6. Make copies of Check Request Form, Invoice and receipt(s) for all Index Numbers listed on Check Request Form—give to department admin.

Check Request Guidelines

The Accounts Payable Check Request has been revised as of 07/13/10 and is available on the Accounts Payable website

The Check Request now includes an area requesting that items not permitted under KSU policies be forwarded to the Foundation for consideration under Section D of the Foundation’s operating policy for Disbursements from Spendable Funds.  Detailed information on this process is also available on the Accounts Payable website

The Check Request includes attestation statements as well for the purchaser, approving authority, and executive officer.  Below are general definitions and guidelines to assist with completion of the revised Check Request. 

  • Preparer:  Individual completing the Check Request
  • Purchaser:  Individual responsible for acquisition/receipt of goods or services requiring payment
  • Approving Authority (ALWAYS NEEDED):  Individual with authority to assume responsibility of the departmental budget and expenditures.  Directors have the authority to approve up to $2,500.  Assistant Dean have authority to approve up to $2,500.  The Dean must approve amounts over $2,500.  or more must have Assistant Dean approval. 
  • Executive Officer:  President, Vice President, Provost or their designee.  (Only needed for expenses over $5,000).
  • Preparer’s Name is required on each Check Request.
  • Purchaser and Approving Authority approvals are required on each Check Request.
  • Preparer can be the same individual as either the Purchaser or Approving Authority.
  • Purchaser and Approving Authority cannot be the same individual.  An individual cannot approve their own purchases.
  • Executive Officer approval is not required unless mandated by university policy based on either the type of expenditure incurred or the individual/unit benefiting from the expenditure.


Check Request Signature and Payment Guidelines (DOC)