Closing the Search Process

Responsibilities of Search Chair

  • Forward Interview Rating Sheets and Rubrics to Hiring Manager
  • Make personal contact with any University College candidates that were unsuccessful

Responsibilities of Hiring Manager

  • Update University College files with copies of Hiring, Request Form, Salary Offer Worksheet, Employment Agreement/approval letter.
  • Electronic copies of the Salary Offer Worksheet and the Employment Agreement must be submitted to the Office of the Dean for the HR files.
  • Review New Employee Needs Sheet (see attached) and work with Department Director to make arrangement for those needs to be met (e.g. Complete Key Request Form and forward to Dean’s Office, provide Technology Department with information on new staff start dates, technology needs, etc.
  • Maintain Search Committee Interview/Rating Sheet for three years for all candidates that are part of the initial screening process and the interview process.
  • Assist Department with office/space arrangements for new staff

Responsibilities of HR

  • Send regret letters to candidates not selected
  • Update HR website

Responsibilities of Department Director

  • Plan and schedule departmental orientation in conjunction with college orientation
  • Orientation must provide information on:
  • Departmental goals/visions
  • Department Programs/Calendar/Initiatives
  • Department Practices and Expectations
  • Department Key Partnerships
  • Evaluations
  • Vacation and sick approvals

*Unclassified positions only