During Search Process

Responsibilities of Search Committee Chair

  • In collaboration with department director, select search committee and ensure that search committee is diverse

  • Inform search committee on requirement to complete the Human Resources Hiring Certification Program required by HR. The training is obtained via Blackboard, My Courses. (https://learn.kent.edu). Search Committee member will be able to view applicants in PageUp (https://kent.dc4.pageuppeople.com/hiringmanagerdashboard) after they complete the Human Resources Hiring Certification Program

  • Schedule a meeting with search committee to review hiring protocol and guidelines

  • Schedule search committee meetings

  • Provide names of search committee to Hiring Manager

  • Inform Hiring Manager if position closing dates should be revised

Search Committee and Chair Must

  • Notify Hiring Manager after all search committee members have completed the Human Resources Hiring Certification Program

  • Include at least one staff member from the associated department to serve on search committee

  • Create rating sheets, rubrics and other forms needed to rate candidates

  • Provide a tentative hiring process timeline and interview schedule to Hiring Manager (see attached)

  • Include an Open Session as part of interview process for all University College and other applicable KSU community members to attend (if required for position). If a presentation is required for this position, the presentation can be utilized as the open session

  • Include an interview session for staff who will work with prospective candidate

  • Schedule optional meals for top-level leadership positions (deans and directors)

  • Provide tours for all level staff if candidate is external

  • Invite Dean and/or Assistant Dean to interview leadership candidates (director and assistant director)

  • Schedule a committee member to greet and escort candidate to interview

  • Review applications of applicants using a rating sheet and select candidates to be interviewed

    • Provide the rating sheet of all applicants to Hiring Manager

  • Inform committee members and those attending the open sessions of deadlines for submitting all Interview Rating Sheets. Be certain all members know when and where to submit rating sheets

Responsibilities of Hiring Manager

  • Obtain login access to HR website for search committee to review candidates

  • Contact HR to determine diversity of applicant pool prior to scheduling interviews

  • Schedule interviews with candidates (telephone or in-person)

  • Inform candidates of salary or salary range at time of scheduling interviews.

  • Send confirmation emails to candidates regarding interviews and include date, time, location, campus map or directions, parking, contact person, and any information on presentations or what they need to bring

  • Candidates must be informed via email regarding the University College requirements for interview presentations. See email statement below

  • Determine if a tour of the college or campus will be required and schedule the appropriate tour

  • Arrange parking for candidates

  • Reserve interview rooms and audiovisual equipment if applicable

  • Provide Search Committee with candidate interview schedule

  • Provide candidate resume to Open Session attendees (attach to Outlook invite)

  • Inform HR of update status of candidates

  • Inform HR when position closing dates should be revised

Responsibilities of HR

  • Update status of candidates on HR website as requested by Hiring Manager

  • Close or re-open positions as requested by Hiring Manager

  • Conduct testing (when applicable) for classified positions and determine eligible candidates