Making the Job Offer | University College | Kent State University

Making the Job Offer

Responsibilities of Hiring Manager

  • Inform Search Chair when position has been approved by Affirmative Action
  • Confirm with HR when offer can be made by Search Chair
  • Inform HR when candidates accepts position or does not accept position

Responsibilities of Search Chair

  • *Offer position to candidate after Hiring Manager confirms approval from HR
  • Plan candidate announcement with Assistant Dean to inform University College staff
  • Inform Hiring Manager that candidate accepted or did not accept position

Responsibilities of HR

  • *Send Provost letter (hiring letter) to candidate
  • Forward signed/accepted employment letters to Hiring Manager
  • Schedule candidate for HR New Employee Training
  • Inform Hiring Manager when classified candidates accept or does not accept position

Responsibilities of Department Director

  • Plan announcement in coordination with Assistant Dean of new candidate to University College staff