Making the Job Offer

Responsibilities of Hiring Manager

  • Inform Search Chair when position has been approved by Affirmative Action

  • Confirm with HR when offer can be made by Search Chair, Asst. Dean or Dean

  • Inform HR when candidates accepts position or does not accept position

  • *If the candidate accepts the verbal offer for an unclassified position, complete the Offer Letter and Employment Agreement and email to HR. HR will obtain all signatures (see below).

Responsibilities of Search Chair

  • Offer position to candidate after Hiring Manager confirms approval from HR

  • Plan candidate announcement with Assistant Dean and/or Dean to inform University College staff

  • Inform Hiring Manager that candidate accepted or did not accept position

Responsibilities of HR

  • Send Provost letter (hiring letter) to candidate

  • Forward signed/accepted employment letters to Hiring Manager

  • Schedule candidate for HR New Employee Training

  • Inform Hiring Manager when classified candidates accept or does not accept position

Responsibilities of Department Director

  • Plan announcement in coordination with Assistant Dean and/or Dean of new candidate to University College staff

  • Notify the Special Assistant in the Dean’s Office of the following (Special Assistant will schedule UC New Employee Orientation and a meeting with the Dean):

    • UC location information of the candidate to update the UC Org Chart

      • Email

      • Phone

      • Room number

      • Birthdate (month and date)