Payment Methods

All payments options require and approved Expense Request Form (ERF) before purchase.

Payment Requests

  • Payment Request Form with invoices completed by department administrative support staff
    • Director Approves
    • Business Manager approves*
    • Dean approves*
    • Submit to Accounts Payable
    • Check / Payment issued

*If applicable. Based on amount exceeding $2,500 for directors or other University Policies where a higher approval or exception is required.

Flash Cart (PO/Direct Pay with Invoice)

  • Create a requisition in Flashcart
    • Select Non-catalog order if using a quote before purchase
    • Select Direct Pay if using an invoice after purchase
      • PO created
  • Administrative Support staff submits invoice to Accounts Payable for payment with the following information written on the invoice:
    • PO number
    • “OK to pay”
    • the staff member’s legible signature.
    • Note: Also write close PO on the invoice if the amount is less than the PO amount and is no longer needed for future purchases.
  • Check/Payment issued.

Expense Reimbursements

  • Employee initiates expense reimbursement workflow by providing ERF number and expense proof of payment(s) and original itemized receipt(s)
  • Department administrative support or staff completes the online ER workflow or paper form
    • Submit to director for review with original receipts
    • Director approves reimbursement
    • Business manager approves reimbursement to Account Payable
    • Check or Direct Deposit issued to employee

IDC (Interdepartmental Charges)

  • Employee provides documentation to the department administrative support staff with Expense Request Form (ERF) number
  • Whether initiated internally or externally; charge is initiated for services rendered and billed to proper index and will appear on monthly budget breakdown
    • Internal IDC are Initiated by Department’s Administrative Support staff or the Business Manager using the Banner Quick Journal Voucher.

Purchasing Card (P-Card)

  • Departments are issued p-cards to manage item purchases under $2,500
  • P-cards are managed by the department’s administrative support staff member
    • P-cards can be temporarily signed out to employees for approved departmental purchases
    • Employee to provide original itemized receipt, ERF number and update the p-card journal when returning the p-card
  • Purchases must comply with all University policies

Acme/Hungry Howie’s/Bank of America (BOA) (Credit/Billing Accounts)

  • Credit / Billing accounts are vendor issued credit account with monthly statements
  • Accounts statements are paid monthly by the administrative support staff
    • Reconcile and review statement transactions with receipts
    • Administrative Support staff processes and pays via payment request form or purchase order
      • Director Approves
      • Submit statement and receipts (Except BOA) to Accounts Payable following the applicable payment process used
    • Check/Payment issued