Payment Methods

Check Requests

  • Check Request Form with invoices completed by department Administrative Support → Director Approves → Budget Manager approves → Dean approves → Accounts Payable → Check issued.

Flash Cart (PO/Direct Pay with Invoice)

  • Initiates direct pay → PO created → submit invoice to Accounts Payable for payment.

Expense Reimbursements

  • Initiates expense reimbursement workflow by providing expenses (proof) → Director approves reimbursement → department administrative support or staff completes the online form → submit for approval with original receipts.

IDC (Interdepartmental Charges)

Documentation should be provided with Expense Request Form.
  • Whether initiated internally or externally; charge is initiated for services rendered and billed to proper index and will appear on monthly budget breakdown.

PAF (Personnel Action Forms)

  • Initiated by Department’s Administrative Secretary → approved by Director → approved by Budget Manager → approved by Dean → processed.

P-Card Usage (1 P-Card)

  • Monitored and signed out from the Dean’s Administrative Secretary → Expense Request Form Submitted with receipt.

Acme/Papa John’s/JPMorgan (Billing Accounts)

  • Payment of monthly purchases (statements) → reconciliation and review transactions → Dean’s Administrative Secretary approves → Dean Approves.