Preparing to Offer Position

Responsibilities of Search Chair

  • Review any additional information needed for candidates that have foreign status

  • Discuss final candidate selection with appropriate Assistant Dean and/or Dean

  • Select candidate and inform Hiring Manager

  • Provide all detailed rationale for all candidates interviewed (must include strengths and weaknesses) to Hiring Manager

  • Provide regular search committee updates from Dean or Assistant Dean to staff reporting to prospective candidate

  • Review and draft the Salary Offer Worksheet (see attached) with Dean or Assistant Dean

Responsibilities of Hiring Manager

  • Inform HR of candidate selection for classified positions

  • *Complete final draft of Salary Offer Worksheet and forward to HR

  • Inform search chair when Affirmative Action approval is received from HR

Responsibilities of HR

  • Submit final candidate selection to Affirmative Action

  • Check final candidate references, background, degree(s)

    • Reference check not needed if candidate is internal

  • Approve Salary Offer Worksheet (HR/Compensation)

  • Inform Hiring Manager when position can be offered to candidate

  • Contact selected candidate (classified positions only)