Rules for the Kitchen

  1. Refrigerators

Use the markers and labels to label and date your food items

Check periodically for your leftovers and throw them away

Items not labeled may be thrown out during periodic clean ups


  1. Microwaves

One microwave must remain on the counter top for easy access

Cover your food to avoid spills

Clean the microwave of all spills every time you use it

Do not leave your food unattended inside the microwave


  1. Sink and Counter

Wash, dry and take your dishes with you after use

Do not leave dishes soaking in the sink

Use the disinfectant wipes to clean the counter


  1. Coffee Maker

Monitor the coffee maker to avoid any spills onto the counter and floor

Clean the coffee maker fill cup after you use it


  1. Tables and Chairs

Use disinfectant wipes to clean the table (and chair) after your meal


  1. Supplies/Repairs

Report any supply needs or repairs via the CUE Work Request


  1. In general, please keep this space clean

This is a shared space.  We know you are busy, but you must take time to be considerate of others.