Before the Search Begins


Responsibilities of Department Director

  • Review departmental need and current job description from Human Resources (HR) website to determine revisions needed in job title, qualifications, salary, job duties, etc.   Visit HR website at to search job descriptions.
  • Review position funding sources with Dean/Assistant Dean

Note:  For grant funded positions, review job description and salary with Grants Accounting

  • Determine salary and/or salary range for position
  • Complete Hiring Request Form and meet with Dean/Assistant Dean to review business need, funding source, labor distribution, and obtain Dean’s signature (see attached)

Note:  Dean’s signature is needed for assistant director through director positions

  • If Hiring Request Form is approved by Assistant Dean and/or Dean, forward job description revisions to Hiring Manager
  • Review University policy regarding reimbursement of any travel or moving expenses
  • Select search committee chair
  • Plan announcement to University College staff that a position will be posted

Responsibilities of Hiring Manager

  • Submit any job description revisions to HR Compensation for approval
  • Schedule meeting with search chair to review University College Hiring Process
  • Review Position Request Authorization (PRA) with search chair to determine salary, closing dates, etc.
  • Submit PRA workflow in Flashline for HR approval
  • After HR approves PRA, review job posting in HR portal and submit back to HR for posting on HR website

Responsibilities of Human Resources (HR)

  • Approve PRA and notify Hiring Manager when position is ready for review
  • Post position on HR website