Before the Search Begins

Responsibilities of Department Director

  • Review current job description from Human Resources (HR) website to determine revisions needed in job title, qualifications, salary, job duties, etc. Visit HR website at to search job descriptions.

    • If the job description requires revisions select Log in in the top right corner. Revise the job description and save it as a draft. It may be submitted to Compensation for review and approval AFTER approval has been obtained from the Asst Dean and/or Dean.

  • Review position funding sources with Dean/Assistant Dean or Grants Accounting if applicable

  • Determine salary and/or salary range for position

  • Complete UC Hiring Request Form and meet with Dean/Assistant Dean to review business need, funding source, labor distribution, and obtain Dean’s signature (see attached)

  • If Hiring Request Form is approved by Assistant Dean and/or Dean, forward job description revisions to Hiring Manager

  • Select search committee chair

  • Plan announcement to University College staff that a position will be posted

Responsibilities of Hiring Manager

  • Submit job description revisions to HR Compensation for approval

  • Schedule meeting with search chair to review University College Hiring Process

  • Review Position Request Authorization (PRA) with Director, Asst Dean or Dean to determine salary, closing dates, etc.

  • Submit PRA workflow in Flashline for HR approval

  • After HR approves PRA, review job posting in HR portal and submit back to HR for posting on HR website

Responsibilities of Human Resources (HR)

  • Approve PRA and notify Hiring Manager when position is ready for review

  • Post position on HR website