Flashes Strong Summer Bridge Program

A five-week summer program at the Kent campus eligible for incoming freshmen from our K-12 pipeline programs to jumpstart their college career by enrolling in two (2) three credit classes that will count towards their college degree. Students will receive free tuition, housing, meal plan, and course materials.

Students referred to a regional campus will have earned the opportunity to directly enroll at the Kent campus and bypass enrollment at the regional campus for the fall semester, upon completion of the courses (with a grade “C” or higher).

Students will receive benefits like:

  • Academic support from Writing Commons and math tutors
  • Build new relationships with other incoming freshmen
  • Mentorship from current and past Kent State students
  • Familiarize yourself with the campus
  • Gain new study skills

Please contact Sherylynn Chapman Thomas at slchapma@kent.edu.