Steering Committee

Sue Rankin, Principal, Rankin & Associates (Consultant), 814-625-2780,
Emil Cunningham, Senior Research Associate, Rankin & Associates (Consultant), 814-625-2780,
Kathryn Wilson, Professor, Economics, College of Business Administration (CSSC Co-Chair), 330-672-1093,
Shay Davis Little, Former Vice President, Division of Student Affairs (CSSC Co-Chair), 330-672-4050,   

Heather Adams, Executive Director, Women's and Gender Centers
Hadeel Akram, Student Representative 
Margarita Benitez, Assistant Professor, Fashion Design, College of the Arts
Alfreda Brown, Vice President, Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 
Gina Campana, Special Assistant, Planning, Assessment and Research Management, DEI
Matthew Chernesky, Student Representative, USG Senator at Large
Edward Collins, Director, Planning, Assessment and Research Management, DEI
Fashaad Crawford, Assistant Provost for Accreditation, Assessment and Learning
Nichole DeCaprio, Assistant Counsel, Office of General Counsel
Ken Ditlevson, Director, LGBTQ Student Center
Carol Gardner, Special Assistant, Dean's Office, Geauga Campus
Amoaba Gooden, Chair, Department of Pan-African Studies, College of Arts and Sciences
Susan Iverson, Associate Professor, Higher Education Administration and Student Personnel, School of Foundations, Leadership and Administration
Jeannette Jones, Administrative Assistant, University College
Dana Lawless-Andric, Associate Vice President, DEI
Liz Lewis, Market Research Manager, University Communications and Marketing
Octavian Maianu, Director, IS Communications
Tricia Niesz,  Associate Professor, Evaluation and Measurement, School of Foundations, Leadership and Administration
Foluke Omosun, Internal Communications Specialist, University Communications and Marketing
Amy Quillin, Director, Student Accessibility Services
Wayne Schneider, Director, Institutional Research
Richard Serpe, Chair, Department of Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences
Desnee Stevens, Assistant Director, International Student and Scholar Services, Office of Global Education
Melody Tankersley, Interim Senior Vice President and Provost
Lindsey Westermann Ayers, Assistant Director, Accreditation, Assessment and Learning