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University Policies

General Copyright Policy

Administrative Copyright Policy

Copyright-Protected Works

Web-Publishing Policy

Electronic and Information Technology Policy


Consult the below guides to stay within the style and brand standards. 

University Style Guide
Email Best Practices
Social Media
Our Brand Standards 

Adding Images to Body Text Areas 

Important Information

Find resources for other important information, such as Microsite requirements, sponsorships, and more.

Privacy Statement

Commercial sponsorship

Microsite requirements

Best Practices Guide

Learn the Best Web Practices and how to utilize them.

  • Identify Goals Yearly
  • Monitor Analytics Monthly
  • Control Quality monthly
  • Audit Content Each Semester
  • Test Usability Yearly
  • Improve Conversion Yearly

Download the Best Web Practices Cycle (PPTX)


Prior to launching a Website, it is helpful to have someone unfamiliar with the project test the Website and provide feedback about the content and navigation of the Website.

Technical Testing
Usability Testing

Security and Privacy

  • Do not collect Kent State ID numbers (Banner IDs), social security numbers, credit card numbers or other sensitive data through the university’s web editing system.
  • Do not use student names in photo captions. Instead, you might say “A freshman from the Department of English studies in the foyer.”