WPNI 2021 Scholars

Spring 2021 Students

Malania Birney, Political Science

My name is Malania Birney and I am from Hopedale, Ohio. I am a senior Political Science major at Kent State. I hope to one day work in the realm of women’s issues and/or social welfare policy. For most of my college career I have worked at the Kent State Student Recreation and Wellness Center where I now serve as a Facility Supervisor! 

Katelyn Campisi, Paralegal Studies

My name is Katelyn Campisi and I am a Paralegal Studies Major with a minor in Political Science. I plan on going to law school after graduation. In my free time I love to workout or watch scary movies.

Devin Douglass, Political Science

Devin Douglass is a junior Political Science major with a concentration in American Politics and two minors in Paralegal Studies and Pre-Law. She is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and plans on attending law school after graduating from Kent State University. A fun fact about Devin is she has traveled to South Africa! 

Georgia Grant-Manning, Political Science

Georgia Grant-Manning is a political science major with a concentration in International Relations and a minor in Pre-Law. She aspires to be a United States diplomat. And her overall career goal is to become Secretary of State.

Rafiat Koiki, Political Science

My name is Rafiat Koiki. I am a Political Science major with a minor in Paralegal Studies. My career goal is to be an attorney. I enjoy listening to music, recording videos, and modeling. An interesting fact about me is that my favorite food is spaghetti. 

Alice Marron, Political Science

Alice Marron is from Mason, Ohio and I am majoring in political science with a minor in paralegal studies. I hope to attend law school beginning in the fall of 2022 and eventually work as an attorney. One thing most people don’t know about me is that I’ve been skydiving (and would do it again in a heartbeat). 

Tiera Moore, English/Political Science

Tiera Moore is a senior with a double major in English and Political Science with a minor in Pre-Law. She is from Salem, Ohio. Tiera plans on attending law school after graduation and wants to get involved with politics later on. She is the third African American woman to be Student Body President at Kent State University.

Ben Rininger, Economics/Psychology

Ben Rininger is a 3rd-year Economics and Psychology Double Major at Kent. He is from Copley, Ohio. He aspires to practice law and be useful. He spends his summers in New Mexico leading people on backpacking treks. He is the President of the Kent State Speech and Debate Team.

Olivia Salter, Political Science/International Relations

My name is Olivia Salter and I'm a political science major with a minor in Italian. Once I graduate, I hope to secure a career in public affairs. When I'm not working as a tutor, I'm probably planning my next trip abroad. An interesting fact about me is that I can play piano by ear! 

Ryan Stewart, Political Science

My name is Ryan Stewart and I am from a small town called New Castle, located in Western Pennsylvania. I am a senior at Kent State University studying Political Science and minoring in Business. In my spare time you will find me in the outdoors, hunting or fishing.

Nick Sturr, Environmental Conservation Biology

My name is Nick Sturr. I am from North Canton, Ohio and I am a senior at Kent State, majoring in Environmental Conservation Biology and minoring in Political Science. My goal is to help protect biodiversity and the environment by working in environmental conservation policy. 

Factoid: I have two lizards named Toast and Ricky.

Ana Swanson, Political Science

My name is Ana Swanson, and I am a senior at Kent State University majoring in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations and Comparative Politics. My interest areas include human rights, women’s issues, and Latin America. I plan to continue on to graduate school to earn a master’s degree in International Relations, and I aspire to work in the future at an NGO or think tank where I can pursue research in my interest areas. Something that people wouldn’t know about me from just reading my resume is that my interests in Latin America and human rights are based on my Hispanic heritage and experiences with the immigrant population.

Kanisha Thomas, Political Science

My name is Kanisha Thomas and I am majoring in Political Science. I plan to go to Law School after I graduate next fall. I also have daily heated debates with my seven year old son about which Teen Titans is better; The Original or 'Go!'.

Donald Wolford, Political Science

Donald Wolford is a senior majoring in Political Science. His research interests are in the fields of congressional politics, economic development, and public administration. After graduation, Donald plans to pursue a Master of Public Policy (MPP) degree and work in policy analysis. A fun fact about Donald is that he once appeared on the cover of The New York Times.