WPNI 2022 Scholars

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    Abigail Bottar

    Name: Abigail Bottar
    Internship: DemList
    Major:  Political Science
    Minors: History and Women's Studies
    Home Town: Madison, Ohio

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    Alex Cala

    Name: Alex Cala
    Internship: Taxpayers Against Fraud
    Major: Psychology
    Minors: Paralegal Studies and Accounting
    Home Town: Beachwood, Ohio
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    Anika Casanova

    Name: Anika Casanova
    Internship: National Democratic Training Committee
    Major: Political Science
    Minors: Public Health
    Home Town: Delaware, OH
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    Marissa Clark

    Name: Marissa Clark
    Internship: Humane Society Legislative Fund
    Major: Political Science
    Minors: Non-profit Management
    Home Town: Greenville, PA

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    Olivia DiLallo

    Name: Olivia DiLallo
    Internship:  Representative Tim Ryan's Office
    Major: Political Science
    Minors: Chinese
    Home Town: New Middletown, OH

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    Diamond Grant

    Name: Diamond Grant
    Internship:  Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
    Major: Africana Studies
    Minors: Human Development and Family Studies
    Home Town: Cleveland, OH

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    Frank Hill

    Name: Frank Hill
    Internship: Representative Jim Jordan
    Major: Political Science
    Home Town: Massillon, OH

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    Maya Huffmann

    Name: Maya Huffman
    Internship:  United States Marshals Service at the District of Columbia District Court
    Major: Political Science & Psychology
    Minors: Pre-Law
    Home Town: Toledo, OH

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    Justice Jama

    Name:  Justice Jama
    Internship: Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP)
    Major: Political Science 
    Minors: Business Administration
    Home Town: Youngstown, OH

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    Elizabeth Keadle

    Name:  Elizabeth Keadle
    Internship:  Chief Executives Organization
    Major: Political Science
    Minors: Pre-Law
    Home Town: Louisville, KY

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    Richard Marallo

    Name: Richard Marallo
    Internship: Justice Department
    Major: Criminal and Justice Studies
    Home Town: Lyndhurst, OH

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    Emily Murnane

    Name: Emily Murnane
    Internship:  Open Secrets
    Major: Political Science
    Minors: Italian Studies
    Home Town: Utica, OH

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    Nichole Rimboiu

    Name: Nichole Rimboiu
    Internship: Promundo
    Major: Global Studies
    Home Town: Kent, OH

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    Chevaliee Robinson

    Name: Chevaliee Robinson
    Internship:  Center for Economic and Policy Research
    Major: Political Science
    Minors: Pre-Law
    Home Town: Akron, OH

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    Anna Sinclair

    Name: Anna Sinclair
    Internship:  Bill of Rights Center
    Major: Political Science
    Minors: Sociology and History
    Home Town: Canfield, OH

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    Maddie Zinz

    Name: Madeleine Zinz
    Internship:  Industry Minerals Association - North America
    Major: Communication Studies
    Minors: Italian Studies
    Home Town: Deerfield, OH