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September 5 through September 29, 2023, OR
October 2 through October 27, 2023, OR
November 6 through December 1,  2023

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Bookkeeping Certificate


Certificate Overview

How do you manage the finances of a business? Whether you are an entrepreneur, running a family business or just looking to advance your career and add to your skill set, this Bookkeeping Certificate will provide you with the knowledge needed to measure, and manage, the financial health of your business. This program focuses on cash basis accounting.

No one will care more about the financial health of your business than you! It’s imperative that you understand how the process works and are able to complete the accounting cycle accurately and in a timely fashion. Even if you plan to outsource your bookkeeping needs, you should still understand how the process works. No one should be clueless when it comes to the finances of their business.

Certificate Outcomes

Upon completion of the Certificate program, participants will be able to:

  • Create a chart of accounts based on the needs of their business
  • Analyze and record financial transactions accurately and in a timely fashion using double entry bookkeeping
  • Maintain and balance a general ledger monthly
  • Perform monthly bank reconciliations
  • Prepare a worksheet for completing year-end trial balances and gathering information for financial statements
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Post closing entries and prepare the books for the new year

Certificate Objectives

  • Participants will gain an understanding of the accounting equation and each of the five categories involved in every business
  • Participants will learn the difference between cash basis accounting and accrual basis accounting
  • Participants will learn how to complete each phase of the accounting cycle, from analyzing a financial transaction to preparing financial statements and closing the books