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Employment Law for Human Resource Professionals

Are you interested in reducing your organization's risk of legal issues during employee management situations? In this program, you will learn and gain an understanding of the intricacy of employment law.

  • Develop a Consistent Approach for Every Manager to Use in Handling Employee Issues
  • Understand the Changing Legislation and Varying Interpretations of Employment Laws
  • Create a Workplace Environment that Treats Employees Both Fairly and Legally
  • Implement New Employment Management Techniques that Boost Productivity
  • Decrease Harassment and Discrimination Issues to Create a Respectful Work Environment
  • Laws that Affect Human Resources and Hot Issues
  • Critical Employment Practices
  • Practical Insights into Human Resource Administration and Benefits
  • Harassment in the Workplace

This program is targeted for human resource professionals.

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site for your employees and leaders.

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Amy Shannon Amy Shannon

Amy B. Shannon has specialized in Organizational Development, Human Resources and Training for over 19 years. Shannon is an Organizational Development consultant working with clients in manufacturing, service, financial and healthcare industries.

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“Teacher spoke very clearly and visual aids were to the point.”

Dave Rinella, S & R Foreman,
Columbia Chemical