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Enhancing Interpersonal Communication Skills for all Associates

In today’s team-focused environment all team members must not only be proficient in communicating in a clear and concise manner, but also must be aware of their interpersonal impact on others.

The communication style of each member of the team determines both the success of that team and the potential for serious conflict on the team. This program is designed to assist participants in assessing their current interpersonal communication impact and in enhancing their interpersonal communication skills.

Through the use of diagnostic tests, group discussions and job-specific skill-building exercises, participants will not only learn new approaches, but also practice new communication strategies.

  • Maintaining an “Issue-focus” in Communication
  • Giving Instructions Clearly
  • Communication Styles
  • Saying “No” Tactfully, yet Assertively
  • Listening and Responding Appropriately in Difficult Situations

This eight-hour program is targeted for all professionals in an organization.

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site for your employees and leaders.

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Deborah Easton Deborah Easton

Kent State facilitator Deborah Easton has been a communications coach for 30 years, and provides audiences with practical and effective advice for communicating with colleagues, customers and direct reports. 

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"Mrs. Easton is a very excellent teacher. Always keeping your attention level up. Never thought learning could be fun!"

Dave Rinella, S+R Foreman, Columbus Chemical