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Lean Problem Solving

Problems exist in all organizations. In the fast-paced and high-stress levels of today’s professional environments, the ability to solve problems quickly and effectively is an essential skill. In this program, participants will learn a simple but proven step-by-step approach for attacking and solving problems. Within the time-honored Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) framework, participants will learn how to develop a standardized, yet flexible process that integrates easily into any current company format.

To prepare for this program, participants will be asked to bring a simple, real-life problem to work on as they utilize the practical tools and techniques of PDCA in a series of hands-on exercise.

  • Identify Problems and Write Effective Problem Statements
  • Apply the PDCA Problem Solving Process
  • Get Past Symptoms to Root Cause and Discover Solutions Using Tools, such as:
    • Process maps
    • Pareto diagrams
    • 5 whys
    • Cause-and-affect (fishbone) diagrams
    • Standard work
  • Facilitating Team Meetings: The Basics
  • Develop and Use A3 Reports to Detail and Communicate the Results of the PDCA Process
  • Sustain Problem Solving at all Levels and Begin to Create a Continuous Improvement Culture

This eight-hour program is targeted for all associates that serve on problem solving teams.

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site for your employees and leaders.

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John Potkalitsky John Potkalitsky

John Potkalitsky retired from Eaton Corporation after 20 years of successfully providing hands-on leadership in Lean transformation activities for manufacturing and office environments at both domestic and international plant sites

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“It was a good program that got its meaning across in a very active and engaging way.”

Sean Bragg, Plastic Extrusion Operator “A”,