Presenting a Persuasive Business Case

Achieving buy-in from decision-makers requires a concisely prepared and dynamically presented persuasive message. Decision-makers often have preconceived notions or lack of understanding of the technical details of a project and often do not implement or fund good ideas because the presenter of the idea could not overcome these roadblocks. In this program you will not only learn new methods for quick, yet effective presentation preparation, but also will acquire powerful persuasive strategies and practice in presenting a dynamic message.

  • Develop Concise, Organized Messages
  • Determine the Appropriate Amount of Information and Level of Technical Detail for an Effective Message
  • Learn Persuasive Strategies for Achieving Buy-in from Decision-makers
  • Enhance One’s Own Unique Speaking Style

*The eight hours of training includes eight hours total for each participant, with the entire group of participants attending the first four-hour session. The group is then divided into three groups of participants and each of these groups attends another four-hour small group session.


Deborah Easton Deborah Easton

Kent State facilitator Deborah Easton has been a communications coach for 30 years, and provides audiences with practical and effective advice for communicating with colleagues, customers and direct reports. 

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"Deborah has a very captivating personality with strong delivery. Her content backs her up well."

Britney Graham, Computer Engineer, American Greetings