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You will want to ensure high quality of any training and continuous improvement initiative that is conducted for the organization. As such, it is important that every opportunity is provided to ensure that Kent State University is the right provider of this service. The following references have partnered with Kent State and the facilitators to provide Lean Six Sigma Training.

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Kent State University's Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program introduced Frank and me to tools that will help Whitacre Greer better meet the challenges facing us today and in the future.  The Six Sigma statistical analysis and quality tools have proven invaluable in assessing our production results and we've used Lean components to make improvements to processes that have long been costly.  The program is one of the best management training programs I have attended.  Bob and Stephen make a terrific team. Colby DeHoff, COO - Plant Operations
Whitacre Greer Company
Alliance, OH

"The Lean Six Sigma processes I learned in class have really helped me feel prepared for leading a Lean Six Sigma project. Bob and Steve taught the class in a very practical hands on way. I am glad they taught the hands on process as well as the theory. I am confident that I know how to do it and I can explain the statics and theories behind what I did. I would recommend their class to anyone who is thinking about earning the Lean Six Sigma certification." Sarah Andreas,Operations Manager
Adventure Harley-Davidson
Dover, OH

"Working as a Manufacturing Engineer during the past 28 years, I couldn't imagine how important the SSBB training fitted in my professional carrier. The training gives you all the tools needed to solve quality issues, improve and speed process. I am confident the SSBB changed completely my way to approach problems. It helped me to develop the skills and systematically understand and direct to methods solving problems. The instructors are very well knowledgeable, understanding and discussing real world situations. "Claudio Silva,Sr. Manufacturing Engineer
Anchor Manufacturing Group
Cleveland, OH

"The Six Sigma Black Belt I received from Kent State has made me a better Chemical Engineer in the following regards. The Black Belt came with hours of in-class training on statistics and statistical analysis using Minitab. This Minitab training has allowed me to do anything and everything from build data charts with our operators running machines, to change variables in our process in "real time", or to set up experiments using the DOE features. The instructors shared real world examples of how they have been able to use these Lean Six Sigma techniques to help analyze and remedy the problems of their industries.  These examples have been great in applying to the challenges I face in my role." Hossein Youssefi,Chemical Engineer
Smithers Oasis Company
Kent, OH

"It has been a great learning experience, and the tools have already proven to be quite valuable. I will inevitably use them throughout my career. We are all lucky to have instructors with the enthusiasm that Bob and Steve have for teaching the subject matter." Bob Wilson, Converting Manager
Automated Packaging Systems
Keyser, WV


"Let's face it, math and statistics can be somewhat dry.  Bob and Steve have a way of making the classroom an enjoyable experience.  They not only teach you the skills to manage projects and look at data in a whole new way, but they also give you the people skills.  Anyone that wants to make a difference at their place of work, needs to have a Six Sigma Black Belt from Kent State.  My first project is saving the company over half a million a year.  Tell me that's not results. "Heath Colvin,Environmental Coordinator
Dover Chemical Corp.
Dover, OH


"I would like to thank Kent State University for providing an excellent training program at the Canton Ohio Campus. I enjoyed very much the Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt training.  The class assignments were very informative and entertaining as well. Apart from the outstanding hospitality that I received, I was also able to learn the fundamental concepts behind Lean Six Sigma and how to apply it in my workplace. I am now a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.   Thank You Once Again Kent State. "Khaled Nassereddine,Industrial Engineering Manager - MFPBU
American Axel & Manufacturing
Detroit, MI


"My experience with KSU's LSS Green Belt Certification Program was very positive.  Although I was reasonably familiar from work experience with some of the tools utilized within the Six Sigma Methodology, the program heightened my awareness of many tools that I had not used, and reinforced knowledge of those tools that I had used.  John Novak did a great job of teaching, using "real life" scenarios to expound on teaching points, in addition to utilizing team oriented hands-on exercises to enhance the group's learning experience.  Also Willie and Corianne, as well as other KSU Staff, did a wonderful job providing support to the group's learning needs.  I'm looking forward to continued application of these tools in my career, and my eventual achievement of LSS Black Belt Training/Certification." Scott Durkin,Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Professional
North Canton, OH