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You will want to ensure high quality of any training and continuous improvement initiative that is conducted for the organization. As such, it is important that every opportunity is provided to ensure that Kent State University is the right provider of this service. The following references have partnered with Kent State and the facilitators to provide Lean Six Sigma Training.

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"Kent State University’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program has been a great learning experience. Not only did it allow me to expand my knowledge in Problem Solving, but it also provided me with the proper statistical analysis tools to continuously improve processes to sustain the company’s growth. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn valuable solving problem methods with a very knowledge instructor who makes you like statistics." Amandine Tragus, Quality Assurance Manager
Gulfort, MS

"Despite the challenge of having Black Belt classes 100% online due to the unprecedent pandemic, it was a pleasure learning the Six Sigma tools with Kent State University. It really proved its usage and benefits on solving routine issues in any field of knowledge: sales, financial analysis, engineering projects or even on healthcare analysis. I would definitely recommend the classes if you are willing to take a step further on your career and your statistical knowledge." Barbara Braga, Steelmaking Process Community Manager
Youngstown, OH

"It was a challenge for me to take the black belt course after receiving my green belt certification two years prior. If I was to do it over again I would have taken the full Black Belt course. However, I thought Steve did an excellent job of presenting the material and teaching it with real-world examples that made it easier to understand. I have been very appreciative of the support and availability from Steve outside of the classroom as I have progressed through my project. I simply could not have done it without him. Our company was able to reduce the overall past due and increase our annual sales by $244,319 as a result of this project. We have increased our process efficiency and reduced scrap as a result of our corrective actions. The overall project has been a success and we have found additional opportunities for improvement as a result of our process review. I would strongly recommend this course for anyone looking at improvement opportunities within their organization." Ron Cermak, Sr. Quality Engineer
Quality Synthetic Rubber – QSR
Twinsburg, OH

"Kent State University’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program is an invaluable tool to help drive sustainable continuous improvement within our organization. Stephen is extremely knowledgeable in the subject matter and presented it in a way that is easy to understand. Stephen worked closely with me on my certification project and demonstrated a true desire to have his students use the LSS tools in their work environment. My desire in using the LSS tools was to augment an overarching business process reengineering initiative in our back office administrative areas. The concepts learned in the program allowed my organization to breakdown a large change initiative into manageable pieces. This allowed for wide participation by the staff working on the process and allowed us a means to track and measure the benefits of our results. I would recommend this class to anyone." Bob Fletcher, Senior Manager
Akron, OH

"The Kent State Black Belt class is outstanding.  I left the coursework with the knowledge required to properly use the tools and complete my project on time with significant benefit for the company.  I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking for Black Belt Certification as well as the ability to use these tools daily." Renee Rambo, Energy Manager
Vallourec Star
Youngstown, OH