Careers & Majors

Opening doors to help you realize your career dreams is what we do best!

Career exploration is a process that can begin even before you step onto campus.  While many college students may have chosen a major, if they have not first clarified their career goals, they have missed out on the most important step.

We’ll help you simplify the process by suggesting tools to make this undertaking manageable and even fun.  Whether you are selecting a career for the first time, changing majors, or investigating your next career move, our staff of career experts are here to help and encourage you along the way!

The longer you wait to begin, the more daunting finding your path can be.

in A recent sURVEY OF SENIORS:

  • 69% understood the importance of clarifying one's career BEFORE picking a major
  • 86% were stressed about preparing for their future
  • 35% were not confident about their plans after graduation

Meeting with a career expert early on makes ALL the difference!

So, what are you waiting for?