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Faculty & Departmental Advisors


  • As a primary expert in their field of research they may provide advice for internships, graduate school, and careers

  • Assist with major/minor elective courses, and course sequencing




Program Faculty Advisor Email Phone
Archaeology (B.S.) Dr. Spurlock, 235-237 Lowry lspurloc@kent.edu 330-672-9329
Cultural Anthropology (B.A.) Dr. Feinberg, 233 Lowry rfeinber@kent.edu 330-672-2722
Biological Anthropology (B.S.) Dr. Meindl, 226-A Lowry rmeindl@kent.edu 330-672-4363

Applied Conflict Management (in the school of school of peace and conflict studies)

Faculty Advisor Email Phone
Dr. Coy, 321-F Bowman pcoy@kent.edu 330-672-2875
Dr. Hancock, 321-D Bowman lhancoc2@kent.edu 330-672-0904

Biological Sciences



Faculty & Departmental Advisors Email Phone
Biological Sciences Undergraduate Coordinator
Dr.  Fraizer, 251 Cunningham
gfraizer@kent.edu 330-672-1398
  Academic Advisor
Joan Iacobacci, Cunningham
jiacobac@kent.edu 330-672-2984
Biology (B.A.) Dr. Rocha, 135 Cunningham orocha@kent.edu 330-672-2297
Biology (B.S.)
Dr. Bade, 119 Cunningham (A-J) dbade@kent.edu 330-672-3992
  Dr. Mou, 209 Cunningham (K-Z) xmou@kent.edu 330-672-3625
Cellular/Molecular Dr. Casadesus, 18 Cunningham (A-H) gcasades@kent.edu 330-672-7894
  Dr. Clements, A311D Cunningham (I-Z) rclement@kent.edu 330-672-2720
Biotechnology (B.S.)
Dr. Kooijman, 312 Williams
Botany (B.S.) Dr. Case, 245 Cunningham acase@kent.edu 330-672-3699
 Environmental & Conservation Biology Dr. de Szalay, 205 Cunningham fdeszala@kent.edu 330-672-7936
Medical Technology (B.S.) Dr. Chi-hua Groff, 43 Cunningham cchiu5@@kent.edu 330-672-2945
Pre-Dentistry Joan Iacobacci, 256 Cunningham jiacobac@kent.edu 330-672-2984
Pre-Medicine/Pre-Osteopathy Dr. Caldwell 121 Cunningham (A-Ch) hcaldwel@kent.edu 330-672-3636
  Dr. Chung, 53 Cunningham (Ci-F) wchung@kent.edu 330-672-3641
  Dr. Damron, 115A Cunningham (G-I) ddamron@kent.edu 330-672-3370
  Dr. McDonough, 130A Cunningham (J-L) jmcdonou@kent.edu 330-672-2388
  Dr. Johnson, 114 Cunningham (M-P) jjohns72@kent.edu 330-672-3849
  Dr. Novak, 223 Cunningham (Q-S) cnovak13@kent.edu 330-672-2306
  Dr. Welshhans, 27 Cunningham (T-Z) kwelshha@kent.edu 330-672-2957
Pre-Veterinary Medicine Dr. Adam Leff, 46 Cunningham (A-Z) aleff@kent.edu 330-672-8369
Zoology (B.S.) Dr. Kershner, 49 Cunningham (A-D) mkershne@kent.edu 330-672-2738
  Dr. Koski, 315 Cunningham (E-L) gkoski@kent.edu 330-672-3670
  Dr. Tinkler, 39 Cunningham (M-R) gtinkler@kent.edu 330-672-3912
  Dr. Hoeh, 15 Cunningham (S-Z) whoeh@kent.edu 330-672-9573
Minor in Biology Dr. Adam Leff, 46 Cunningham aleff@kent.edu 330-672-3015
Transfer Student and Regional Campus
Student Faculty Advisor Assignments 
Dr. Fraizer, 256 Cunningham



Program Faculty Advisor Email Phone
BS Chemistry with Chemistry concentration, Industrial Chemistry concentration, and BA Chemistry Dr. Tubergen, 214 Williams mtuberge@kent.edu 330-672-2032
BS Chemistry with Biochemistry
Dr. Mao, 038 Science Research hmao@kent.edu 330-672-9380
BS Chemistry with Biochemistry -
Pre-medicine concentration
Dr. Gregory, 114 Science Research rgregory@kent.edu 330-672-2031
BS Chemistry with Materials
Dr. Sampson, 208 Williams psampson@kent.edu 330-672-2405
Pre-Medicine Dr. Gregory, 114 Science Research Bldg. rgregory@kent.edu 330-672-2031
Dr. Abeysirigunawardena, 303-B Williams 
Transfer students, course
substitutions, course equivalencies,
chemistry minor
Dr. Sampson, 208 Williams psampson@kent.edu 330-672-2405

Computer Science

Faculty Advisor Email Phone
Dr. Samba (lead advisor), 272 Math and Computer Science asamba@kent.edu 330-672-9980
Professor Allouzi, 272 Math and Computer Science mallouzi@kent.edu 330-672-9102
Dr. Walker, 256 Math and Computer Science rawalke1@@kent.edu 330-672-9050

Criminology/Justice Studies

Refer to Sociology listing.


Faculty Advisor Email Phone
Dr. Reynolds, 468 Business Adm. creynold9@kent.edu 330-672-1089


Program Faculty Advisor Email Phone
English Undergraduate Coordinator
Dr. Sturr, 204-D Satterfield
rsturr@kent.edu 330-672-1727
  Assistant Undergraduate Coordinator
Dr. Winebrenner, 204-A Satterfield
kwinebre@kent.edu 330-672-1735
Teaching English as a Second Language Dr. Sturr, 204-D Satterfield rsturr@kent.edu 330-672-1727
  Advisor for ESL Licensure and Endorsement
Dr. Rilling, 202-F Satterfield Hall
srilling@kent.edu 330-672-1725
  ESL Center Director
Dr. Rozner, 201 Satterfield Hall
dronzer@kent.edu 330-672-2676
Writing Program Dr. Neiderman, 206-B Satterfield Hall bneiderm@kent.edu 330-672-1745

Environmental Studies

Refer to Geography listing.


  Faculty Advisor Email Phone
Geography major and minor Dr. Mapes, 439 McGilvrey jmapes@kent.edu 330-672-2045
Environmental Studies Dr. Kaplan, 440 McGilvrey dkaplan@kent.edu 330-672-2045
Climatology minor Dr. Sheridan, 413 McGilvrey ssherid1@kent.edu 330-672-3224
GIS minor Dr. Lee, 433 McGilvrey jlee@kent.edu 330-672-3222
Urban Studies and Planning minor (also under Interdisciplinary programs) Dr. Kaplan, 440 McGilvrey dkaplan@kent.edu 330-672-3221


Faculty Advisor Email Phone
Dr. Rowan, 337 McGilvrey crowan5@kent.edu 330-672-7428
Dr. Smith, 219 McGilvrey alisonjs@kent.edu 330-672-3709
Dr. Wells, 131-A McGIlvrey nwells@kent.edu 330-672-2951
Dr. Schweitzer, 345 McGilvrey cschweit@kent.edu 330-672-3303


Faculty Advisor Email Phone
Undergraduate Coordinator,
Dr. Strate, 305 Bowman

Interdisciplinary Minors

Minor Faculty Advisor Email Phone
Ancient, Medieval &
Renaissance Studies
Dr. Fein, 113-G Satterfield
Dr. Thyret, 305 Bowman
Health Care Ethics Dr. Barnbaum, 320 Bowman dbarnbau@kent.edu 330-672-2315
Jewish Studies Prof. Kessler, 113 Bowman ckessle7@kent.edu 330-672-8962
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and
Transgendered Studies
Dr. Merryman, 325 Merrill
Dr. Paar-Conroy, 113 Bowman
Religion Studies
Center for Integrative Programs, 
105 Bowman Hall
Studies in Globalization, Identity, 
and Space
Center for Integrative Programs,
105 Bowman
Urban Studies and Planning Dr. Dr. Kaplan,440 McGilvrey dkaplan@kent.edu 330-672-3221
Women's Studies Dr. Holt, 315 Merrill Hall slholt@kent.edu 330-672-8042


Integrative Studies

Refer to Bachelor of Integrative Studies

International Relations

Refer to Political Science.

Jewish Studies

Faculty Advisor Email Phone
Prof. Kessler, 113 Bowman Hall ckessle7@kent.edu 330-672-8962

Mathematical Sciences

Faculty Advisor Email Phone
Undergraduate Coordinator,
Dr. Lewis, 210 MSB
mllewis@kent.edu 330-672-9033
Dr. White, 212 MSB dlwhite@kent.edu 330-672-9034
Coursework, Advisor Assignment, Transfer Credit, Transient
Dr. Neuzil, 233C MSB
jneuzil@kent.edu 330-672-9054

Medical Technology

Refer to Biological Sciences.

Modern & Classical Language Studies

Declared MCLS majors and minors should check their GPS audit to find their faculty advisor.  
All unassigned students and prospective students should contact the faculty listed below.
Program Faculty Advisor Email Phone Office
American Sign Language Dr. Randall Hogue
101-E Satterfield Hall
Arabic minor Dr. Jessie Carduner jcardune@kent.edu 330-672-1806 305-B Satterfield Hall
  Dr. Said Shiyab sshiyab@kent.edu 330-672-1864 305-E Satterfield Hall
Chinese minor Hui Yu hyu5@kent.edu 330-672-1863 309-F Satterfield Hall
Classics/Latin Dr. Brian Harvey bkharvey@kent.edu 330-672-1804 308-B Satterfield Hall
Education Minor & Teacher Licensure Dr. Rebecca Chism rlchism@kent.edu 330-672-1825 101-C Satterfield Hall
French Dr. Richard Berrong rberrong@kent.edu 330-672-1820 304-D Satterfield Hall
  Dr. Maryann De Julio mdejulio@kent.edu 330-672-1807 305-C Satterfield Hall
German Dr. Stephanie Libbon slibbon@kent.edu 330-672-1811 109-E Satterfield Hall
  Dr. Hidegard Rossoll hrossoll@kent.edu 330-672-1833 309-E Satterfield Hall
Italian minor Stephanie Siciarz ssiciarz@kent.edu 330-672-1810 109-D Satterfield Hall
Italian Studies minor Dr. Kristin Stasiowski kstasiow@kent.edu 330-672-1809 128-B Bowman Hall
Japanese minor Eriko Tanaka etanaka1@kent.edu 330-672-1803 309-F Satterfield Hall
Russian Dr. Tatyana Bystrova tbystro2@kent.edu 330-672-1800 304-A Satterfield Hall
Spanish Dr. Jessie Carduner jcardune@kent.edu 330-672-1806 305-B Satterfield Hall
Translation (B.S.) Dr. Joanna Trzeciak-Huss jtrzecia@kent.edu 330-672-1832 306-D Satterfield Hall
Newly declared MCLS majors
seeking faculty advisor assignments;
transfer course evaluations;
alternative credit
Dr. Jessie Carduner, Undergraduate Coordinator jcardune@kent.edu 330-672-1806 305-B Satterfield Hall
Special approval/overrides for
non-language majors; alternative
credit; transfer course
evaluations; foreign language
waivers for native speakers
of another language
Valerie Reed vreed5@kent.edu 330-672-1790 109 Satterfield Hall

Pan-African Studies

Faculty Advisor Email Phone
Dr. Kumah-Abiwu, Oscar Ritchie Hall fkumahab@kent.edu 330-672-2300

Paralegal Studies

Faculty Advisor Email Phone
Dr. Paar Conroy, 113 Bowman Hall apaar@kent.edu 330-672-2650


Faculty Advisor Email Phone
Dr. Zavota, 320 Bowman Hall gzavota@kent.edu 330-672-0266


Program Faculty Advisor Email Phone
Physics Undergraduate Coordinator
Dr. Manley, 217 Smith Hall
manley@kent.edu 330-672-2407
  Dr. Secaur, 120 Smith Hall jsecaur@kent.edu 330-672-2246
  Dr. Katramatou, 303 Smith Hall (on leave spring 2017) akatrama@kent.edu 330-672-0330
  Dr. Balci, 123 Science Research Bldg hbalci@kent.edu 330-672-2577
  Dr. Strickland, 206B Smith Hall mstrick6@kent.edu 330-672-3771
  Dr. Katramatou, 303 Smith Hall
(on leave spring 2017)
akatrama@kent.edu 330-672-0330
Pre-Medicine/Pre-Osteopathy Dr. Mann, 140 Science Research Building emann@kent.edu 330-672-9750
SPS Advisor Dr. Sprunt, 104 Science Research Bldg ssprunt@kent.edu 330-672-2682
Transfer Credit; Transient Coursework Dr. Almasan, 002 Science Research Bldg. calmasan@kent.edu 330-672-2402

Political Science

All Political Science majors have an assigned faculty advisor in the department.  Please call the main office at (330) 672-2060 to be connected to this person.

Program Faculty Advisor Email Phone
Political Science (includes International Relations) Dr. Stacher, Undergraduate Coordinator jstacher@kent.edu 330-672-2060
Washington/National Issues (WPNI) Dr. Robyn, 302 Bowman Hall rrobyn@kent.edu 330-672-8944
Columbus/Inter-Gov. Issues
Dr. Sykes, 302 Bowman Hall
vsykes@kent.edu 330-672-8948


Learn how to connect to a faculty advisor in the Department of Psychological Sciences HERE.

Faculty & Departmental Advisors Email Phone
Dr. Hughes, Undergraduate Coordinator, 326 KTA
Bryce Cain, Senior Academic Advisor I, KTH 144 bcain9@kent.edu 330-672-2912
Aurora Alexander, Academic Advisor I, KTH 144 aalexa37@kent.edu 330-672-0665


Faculty & Departmental Advisors Email Phone
Criminology and Justice Studies Coordinator
Dr. Tontodonato, 311 Merrill Hall
ptontodo@kent.edu 330-672-0318
Criminology & Justice Studies and Sociology Academic Advisor
Rebecca Cash, 315/319 Merrill Hall
Sociology Coordinator
Dr. Stacey, 331 Merrill Hall
cstacey@kent.edu 330-672-2044