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Program Description

The Teaching Scholars Program promotes shared scholarly inquiry into teaching and learning. Those interested in conducting scholarly examinations of strategies designed to enhance student learning are encouraged to apply. This program continues to be built around collaborative relationships with interdisciplinary faculty colleagues and student associates engaging in the scholarly examination of learning. The primary goal of this program is to support faculty in the design, implementation, and assessment of scholarly projects that identify and create significant learning environments.

The broad aims of the program include:

  • Assessing, developing, and enhancing student learning
  • Building an interdisciplinary community of scholars around learning and teaching
  • Building strategies for the scholarly study of student learning
  • Identifying, through research, elements of significant learning environments

The benefits of the program for participants include:

  • Participating in a year-long program that focuses on the scholarship of learning and teaching
  • The development of collegial relationships across disciplines
  • Participation at one funded conference on learning, teaching, and SoTL
  • A one-course load reallocation in teaching during either the fall or spring semester of the program year
  • Working with a student associate of the participant's choice
  • Developing methods for studying, documenting, and assessing learning and teaching.

2018–2019 Application process will begin in January, 2018.  Applications will be accepted from all full-time Tenure Track and full-time Non-Tenure Track faculty members.

Watch past Teaching Scholars reflect on their experience. 
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Current Scholars

Peña L. Bedesem
  • Peña is an Associate Professor of Special Education in the School of Lifespan Development and Education Sciences.  Prior to joining Kent State as a tenure-track faculty member in August 2010, she earned her PhD from the University of Central Florida, where she developed a research focus on mobile technology and self-monitoring for students in inclusive education settings, as well as on innovative teacher preparation practices. Her current research focuses on the use of mobile technology for teaching and learning and the use of mixed reality classrooms to prepare teacher candidates to work with students diverse learning needs in inclusive classrooms. She is the Director of the Kent State TeachLivETM Lab located in White Hall and is the Coordinator of the Holmes Scholars. Peña teaches doctoral and graduate level courses on single subject research methods, and undergraduate courses on assessment in special education. 
Edward Dauterich
  • Edward is a professor of English he received his Ph.D. in English from Kent State University in 2006 after receiving his B.A. and M.A. from the University of Cincinnati.  His research interests include African-American Literature, 20th-century American Literature, Native American Literature, the connection between violence and literature, and pedagogy. Edward has presented at several national conferences and published peer-reviewed articles on subjects including Sinclair Lewis, Leslie Marmon Silko, Toni Morrison, Dalton Trumbo, Dawn Powell, and effective teaching strategies. At KSU, Edward has taught literature and writing courses since 1997.  He has also serves and has served on the Kent State Faculty Senate and as the mentor for adjunct faculty in the English department.

Marie Gasper-Hulvat
  • Marie is an Assistant Professor of Art History at Kent State University at Stark.  Her research interests include early Stalinist art, visual culture, and exhibition practices as well as the pedagogy of Art History.  She earned her bachelor’s degree from Xavier University, OH, and her master’s degree and doctorate from Bryn Mawr College.  She has published articles in Res:  Anthropology and Aesthetics and The NEP Era Journal, and she is currently working on a monograph on the late-life work of Russian avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich.  A regular contributor to the website, Art History Teaching Resources, she frequently presents at national conferences on innovations in Art History pedagogy and is actively involved in the development of Reacting to the Past role-playing games for Art History courses.

Insook Kim
  • Insook worked as a physical education teacher in public middle schools in Seoul, South Korea. Dr. Kim received her doctoral degree in physical education teacher education at the Ohio State University in 2011. Dr. Kim is currently working as an assistant professor in the physical education program at Kent State University.  Dr. Kim's research focuses on teachers’ content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge. Dr. Kim’s interest is to improve teachers’ high quality instruction by strengthening their content knowledge for teaching and in turn influencing student learning. Ten peer-reviewed articles have been published in the top tier journals.  Twelve presentations have been conducted to disseminate the results of the studies at the national and international conferences. Recently, Research Fellow status was reserved for a member who have made significant and sustained contribution to scholarship (research, creative, or scholarly activity) and related service in the areas of interest of SHAPE America.  Dr. Kim has served as a member of the curriculum committee at the School of TLC and a reviewer for the 2015-2017 SHAPE America proposal submissions. Dr. Kim has been invited as a reviewer for the peer-reviewed journals: Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, European Physical Education Review, Journal of Sport and Health Science, and Korean Physical Education Association for Girls and Woman.

Rui Liu
  • Rui joined Kent State University in the fall semester of 2013 as an Assistant Professor. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado Denver. He teaches structural systems, sustainable building construction, and site engineering in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design. He is interested in evaluating the effects of experimental learning on architecture students’ understanding on structural systems. His research interests are in the field of resilient and sustainable infrastructure, especially in the areas of “green” construction materials, innovative structural systems, and intelligent infrastructure management. He is one of Farris Family Innovation awardees in 2016. Funded by Ohio Lake Eire Commission and Ohio Department of Transportation, he is investigating the reuse potential of dredged material from Lake Erie in the construction of buildings, green infrastructure, and transportation infrastructure.  
Joan Meggitt
  • Joan teaches modern dance technique, improvisation, composition, dance history, and related academic courses in the School of Theatre and Dance.  Meggitt began her dance studies at Allegheny College with Dr. Jan Hyatt and James Reedy.  She earned her M.F.A. in Dance from Case Western Reserve University, under the instruction of Kathryn Karipides and Kelly Holt.  Her training has been devoted to the modern dance technique of Erick Hawkins, which she has studied under numerous company members, most notably Kelly Holt, James Reedy, Cynthia Reynolds, Gloria McLean and Katherine Duke.  Meggitt has directed the annual Allegheny Summer Dance Intensive in Meadville, PA since 1999.  She has been a guest artist and lecturer at colleges and universities throughout the United States and abroad.  Meggitt is the lead instructor of Yes..I Can(!) Dance, a dance program for individuals with Parkinson’s disease, modeled after the Mark Morris Dance Group’s Dance for PD ® program in New York City.  Meggitt is the founding Director of Antaeus Dance, a modern dance company based in Cleveland, OH.  She launched the Company in 2001 with an ambitious tour of Estonia, and immediately followed that with a world-premiere evening-length performance in Cleveland.  Antaeus Dance’s work explores the intersection of individual experience and collective expression.  The Company teaches and rehearses in Cleveland’s historic Tremont neighborhood in the landmark Pilgrim Congregational Church.  Antaeus Dance is also in residence at Allegheny College, where the Company holds the annual Allegheny Summer Dance Intensive as well as an annual fall performance residency.  Meggitt received a University award for “Excellent in Teaching” in 2009.  She created the first on-line dance course at Kent State University in 2011; and co-created a new dance course with colleague Prof. Barbara Allegra Verlezza in 2016.  The course, Teaching Dance and Movement for Nontraditional Populations, will be co-taught by Meggitt and Verlezza in Spring 2017.  

Jennifer Metheney
  • Jennifer is a full time NTT with the College of Nursing. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Alderson Broaddus University in Phillipi, WV and worked for 20 years as a Registered Nurse in various areas, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, long term care, health insurance and Worker’s Compensation case management.  Returning to school in 2002, she received her Master’s in Nursing from Kent State University, with an Advanced Practice license as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. She is also certified by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing as a Nurse Educator.  She started teaching full time at Kent State in 2006 and has experience at undergraduate and graduate levels. She also has experience teaching in traditional classroom, online, and in experiential settings including simulation. Her area of focus is adult health, geriatrics, chronic health care, and disability.  Her areas of interest for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Program include exploration of experiential teaching strategies to strengthen the link between that and didactic content.

Ellen Mulqueeny
  • Ellen has just completed her third year at Kent State University in the mathematics department. Prior to her work at Kent State she taught in the mathematics department at Baldwin Wallace College.  Currently she is the coordinator for Modeling Algebra (Math 11009 and math 10772).  She also chairs the Quantitative Reasoning (QR) development committee where they are charged with creating a new QR course that will meet or exceed TM011 (transfer module) guidelines set by Ohio’s Higher Education Department.  Once the course has been approved by the State of Ohio and accepted as a Kent Core mathematics course, she will also coordinate this course.  In the classroom, she has had the opportunity to try many different approaches, the latest being active learning in large classroom settings.  Ellen continually asks herself what is working for her students and what can she do to enhance their experiences.  She wants her students to leave her class feeling as if they had a valuable learning experience. She is excited to participate in this program as she really has not had the opportunity to approach the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning from a scientific approach.  In addition to her work here at Kent she is an active member of the National Ski Patrol.  She has been the patrol representative of her local patrol for the past 10 years and region director of Section 04 for the past 6 years. 

Gabriella Paár-Jákli  
  • Gabriella joined the faculty of the Department of Political Science at Kent State University in 2010 and is now an Associate Professor, non-tenure track. Gabriella received her PhD in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations and Comparative Politics in 2010. She also holds an MBA, a BA in International Management and Business, as well as a BS in Engineering. Originally from Budapest, Hungary, Dr. Paar-Jakli has more than a decade of professional experience in diplomacy and international relations in the European Union.  She served as Counselor at the Department of External Economic Relations of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and served as Chief of Section in the Dept. of Economics, Hungarian Foreign Trade Ministry. In her book: Networked Governance and Transatlantic Relations: Building Bridges through Science Diplomacy (Routledge, 2014), she examined the impact of knowledge networks on building transatlantic ties between the European Union and the United States. Her research takes an interdisciplinary approach and focuses on international communication and networked governance, which explores the “network factor” as a recent focal point of economic and political development. 

Ashley Reed
  • Ashley is the Clinical Education Coordinator for the Athletic Training Program (ATP) in the School of Education, Health, & Human Services.  Prior to joining Kent State University (KSU) as a non-tenure track faculty member in August 2009, she earned her Masters of Science in Athletic Training from The University of Kentucky and Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training from Central Michigan University.  From 2009-2011 Ashley had a split faculty/clinical position, which involved teaching athletic training courses and being the athletic trainer for KSU volleyball team.  In 2011, she transitioned to a full-time academic faculty member in the ATP.  Then in 2013, she was appointed Clinical Education Coordinator for the ATP.  In addition, Ashley enrolled in KSU’s Curriculum & Instruction doctoral program in Spring 2012.  Her personal experience, doctoral studies, and pilot study have highly influenced her research interests.  Ashley’s current research focuses on students’ perspective of their educational experiences.  In particular, she is interested in examining pedagogical approaches and instructional strategies that promote engagement in the classroom and their influences on memory.  Ashley currently teaches all levels of undergraduate students, but truly loves educating freshman.  She expresses, “Working with freshman students is like watching a baby learn how to walk for the first time.  During the Fall semester they are just crawling, but by the end of the Spring semester they are running.  It’s a beautiful transformation and an honor to be apart of”.  In addition, Ashley strongly believes engaging and involving students in their learning process is the key to academic success and uses this to conceptualize students’ learning experiences.  She is extremely exited to be apart of the 2016-17 Teaching Scholars Program, where she can further investigate her research interests to become a better educator for her students.

Eric Taylor
  • Eric is a full-time faculty member of the Department of Geology and has been teaching at the Stark campus since 2012. Eric has been teaching undergraduate Kent CORE as well as major-specific courses in physical and historical geology, scientific methods, natural hazards and disasters, and earth materials.  He received his Master’s and doctoral degrees from The Ohio State University and investigated the interface between biology and geology on the microscale level in the hopes of answering the questions “How can bacteria cause acid mine drainage?” and “Why is asbestos so potent a carcinogen?” He loves being outdoors and often drags his wife and children along with him to field sites and other places of geological significance. His interests in teaching and learning deal mostly with online and outdoor education as suitable alternatives and or strengths to traditional teaching. Non-academic interests or hobbies include music, jogging (especially on trails) and religion.

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Past Scholars

  • Brian Barber, School of Lifespan Development and Education Sciences, Kent Campus
  • Rachel Blasiman, Psychology, Salem Campus
  • Tatyana Bystrova-McIntyre, Modern Classical Languages, Kent Campus
  • Shawn Golden, Computer Technology, East Liverpool Campus
  • Karl Kosko, Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies, Kent Campus
  • Margaret (Ruth) Leslie, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Kent Campus
  • Lawrence (Larry) Nehring, Modern and Classical Languages, Kent Campus
  • Takahiro Sato, Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies, Kent Campus
  • Sue Clement, Geology, Geauga Campus and Regional Academic Center
  • Aroon Manoharan, Political Science, Kent Campus
  • Jennifer Mapes, Geography, Kent Campus
  • Carol Robinson, English, Trumbull Campus
  • Mariana Romero, Modern and Classical Languages , Kent Campus
  • James (Jim) Seelye, History, Stark Campus
  • Gregory Tinkler, Biological Science, Kent Campus
  • Maria E. Zaldivar, Modern and Classical Languages, Kent Campus
  • Tina Bhargava, Social and Behavioral Science, Kent Campus
  • Belinda Boon, Library and Information Science, Kent Campus
  • Daniel Castaneda, Modern and Classical Languages, Stark Campus
  • Ji Young Cho, Architecture and Environmental Design, Kent Campus
  • Patrick Gallagher, Modern and Classical Languages, Kent Campus
  • Michele Heron, Teaching Leadership and Curriculum Studies, Stark Campus
  • Wendy Bedrosian, Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Studies, Kent Campus
  • Diana Stewart, Nursing Technology, East Liverpool Campus 
  • Jakyung Seo, Theatre, Kent Campus
  • Jennifer Marcinkiewicz, Biological Sciences, Kent Campus
  • Moon-Heum Cho, Educational Foundations and Special Services, Stark Campus
  • Jeanne Smith, English, Kent Campus
  • Becky Parylak, Geography, Kent Campus
  • Wendy Bedrosian, Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Studies
  • James Bolchalk, Economics, Geauga Campus
  • Keiran Dunne, Modern and Classical Languages, Kent Campus
  • Jeffery Huston, Health Sciences, Kent Campus
  • Uma Krishnan, English, Kent Campus
  • Mary Parr, Foundation, Leadership, and Administration, Kent Campus
  • Sandra Pech, Early Childhood Education, Tuscarawas Campus
  • Dirk Remley, English, Kent Campus
  • Theresa Repicky, Political Science, Kent Campus
  • Lydia Rose, Sociology, East Liverpool Campus
  • Scott Tobias, Family and Consumer Studies, Stark Campus
  • Madhav Bhatta, Public Health, Kent Campus
  • Sloane Burgess, Special Education, Kent Campus
  • Pratim Datta, Management and Information Systems, Kent Campus
  • Debarchana Ghosh, Geography, Kent Campus
  • Sanna Harjusola-Webb, Lifespan Development and Education Sciences, Kent Campus
  • Dandan Liu, Economics, Kent Campus
  • Jung-Yeup Kim, Philosophy, Kent Campus 
  • Manacy Pai, Sociology, Kent Campus
  • Xiaoling Pu, Finance, Kent Campus
  • John Staley, Health Policy Management, Kent Campus
  • Joanna Trzeciak, Modern and Classical Language Studies, Kent Campus
  • David Purcell, Sociology, Kent Campus
  • E. Owen Carew, Mathematical Science, Kent Campus
  • Helen Piontkivska, Biology, Kent Campus
  • Hyangsook Lee, Journalism and Mass Communication, Kent Campus
  • Jeffrey T. Child, School of Communication Studies, Kent Campus
  • Karen Kritzer, Educational Foundation and Social Services, Kent Campus
  • Ramona Freeman, Teaching, Leadership, and Curriculum Studies, Kent Campus
  • Steve L. Turner, Teaching, Leadership, and Curriculum Studies, Kent Campus
  • Susan Iverson, Teaching, Leadership, and Curriculum Studies, Kent Campus
  • Wei Li, Accounting, Kent Campus
  • Mary Louise Holly, Faculty Professional Development Center - Facilitator
  • Hanbin Mao, Chemistry, Kent Campus
  • Robert Logan, College of Technology, Kent Campus
  • Patti Kameya, History, Kent Campus
  • Martha Lash, Teaching, Leadership, and Curriculum Studies, Kent Campus
  • Karl Idsvoog, Journalism and Mass Communication, Kent Campus
  • Clare Stacey, Sociology, Kent Campus
  • Linda Hoeptner-Poling, Art, Kent Campus
  • Beth Butler, College of Communication and Information, Kent Campus
  • Mary Ann Devine, School of Exercise, Leisure, and Sport, Kent Campus
  • Chere Doiron, Interior Design, Kent Campus
  • Vickie Ellison, Modern and Classical Language Studies, Kent Campus
  • Michele Ewing, Journalism and Mass Communication, Kent Campus
  • Athena Salaba, Library and Information Science, Kent Campus
  • David Smeltzer, Journalism and Mass Communication, Kent Campus
  • Mousa Traore, School of Fashion Design and Merchandising, Kent Campus
  • Anita Varrati, Teaching, Leadership, and Curriculum Studies, Kent Campus
  • E Sue Wamsley, History, Kent Campus
  • Christopher Was, Education Foundations and Special Services, Kent Campus
  • David Dees, Education Foundations and Special Services, Salem Campus
  • Susan Emens, Technology, Kent Campus
  • Meghan Harper, Library and Information Science, Kent Campus
  • Gro Hovhannisyan, Mathematical Sciences, Kent Campus
  • Koon Hwee Kan, Art, Kent Campus
  • Tricia Niesz, Foundation, Leadership and Administration, Kent Campus
  • Tsunghui Tu, Teaching Leadership and Current Studies, Kent Campus
  • Dwayne Wasson, Music, Kent Campus
  • Gina Zavota, Philosophy, Kent Campus
  • David Brenner, Modern and Classical Language Studies, Kent Campus
  • David Bruce, Teaching, Leadership and Curriculum Studies, Kent Campus
  • Mary Ann Devine, Foundation, Leadership and Administration, Kent Campus
  • Alison Fletcher, History, Kent Campus
  • George Haber, Adult Counseling, Kent Campus
  • Clauda Khourey-Bowers, Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies, Stark Campus
  • Janice Kroeger, Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies, Kent Campus 
  • Jaclyn LaPlaca, History, Kent Campus
  • Mei-Chen Lin, Communication Studies, Kent Campus
  • Cary McDougall, Art, Stark Campus   
  • Molly Merryman, Justice Studies, Kent Campus
  • Eric Mintz, Biological Sciences, Kent Campus
  • Ronica Rooks, Finance, Kent Campus
  • Xinlei Zhao, Finance, Kent Campus
  • Ginny Horvath, Regional Campuses
  • Alison Bianchi, Sociology, Kent Campus
  • Violet Dutcher, English, Stark Campus
  • Tina Kandakai, Adult Counseling, Health, and Vocational Education, Kent Campus
  • Molly Lindner, Art, Stark Campus
  • Laurie Moses Hines, Educational Foundation & Special Services, Trumbull Campus
  • Kimberly Peer, Exercise, Leisure, and Sport, Kent Campus
  • Steven Riechman, Exercise, Leisure, and Sport, Kent Campus
  • David Tuthill, Biological Sciences, Kent Campus
  • Sarah Wilcox, Sociology, Kent Campus
  • Esook Yoon, Political Science, Kent Campus
  • Shawn Banasick, Geography, Kent Campus
  • Andrew Barnes, Political Science, Kent Campus
  • Jane Beckett-Camaratta, Political Science, Kent Campus
  • Jonathan Paul Fleming, Architecture, Kent Campus
  • Yuko Kurahashi, Theatre, Kent Campus
  • Argyrios K. Pisiotis, History, Kent Campus
  • Scott A. Sherer, Art, Kent Campus
  • Jay D. Sloan, English, Stark Campus
  • Mathew Weinstein, Teaching, Leadership,and Curriculum Studies, Kent Campus
  • Don A. Wicks, Library and Information Science, Kent Campus
  • Kathleen O. Williams, Adult Nursing, Kent Campus
  • Marty Jencius, Adult Counseling, Health and Vocational Education, Kent Campus
  • Ralph Lorenz, School of Music, Kent Campus
  • William Frank Robinson, History, Stark Campus
  • Alexander J. Seed, Chemistry, Kent Campus
  • Scott Sheridan, Geography, Kent Campus
  • Ferenc de Szalay, Biological Sciences, Kent Campus
  • Yin Zhang, Library and Information Science, Kent Campus
  • Alison Butler, Economics, Kent Campus
  • Jessie Carduner, Modern and Classical Languages, Kent Campus
  • Mark Cassell, Political Science, Kent Campus
  • Mary Ann Devine, Exercise, Leisure and Sport, Kent Campus
  • G. Leticia Gonzalez, Exercise, Leisure and Sport, Kent Campus
  • Lisa Holland, Chemistry, Kent Campus
  • Lynn Koch, Educational Foundations and Special Services, Kent Campus
  • Pam Lieske, English, Trumbull Campus
  • Mandy J. Munro-Stasiuk, Geography, Kent Campus
  • Vic Perera, Mathematics, Trumbull Campus
  • Daniel Price, Justice Studies, Trumbull Campus
  • Min Qi, Economics, Kent Campus
  • Jeanette Riley, English, Stark Campus
  • Kathryn Wilson, Economics, Kent Campus

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