Hall Posting Policy


  1. Only University Departments and registered student organizations in good standing are permitted to display posters/flyers.
  2. Posters/flyers for residence halls must be pre-approved by the Department of Residence Services. Table tents or flyers for University Dining Centers are approved by Dining Services.
  3. The Department of Residence Services has the right to refuse any advertising done within University residence halls that does not support the goals and objectives of the department, the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, or the University community.
  4. Failure to obtain permission or adhere to the guidelines stated in this policy may result in forfeiting the organization/department's right to display posters/flyers in the residence halls for the remainder of the academic year.
  5. Posters/flyers are not permitted to be hung in elevators, on windows, or on doors.
  6. Posters/flyers must be hung with masking tape or sticky putty only – other adhesives may remove paint or cause damage to wall surfaces.
Posters/Flyers Requirements:

To obtain approval by the Department of Residence Services for distribution and posting at designated locations in the residence halls, posters/flyers should contain the following:

  • description of event/activity/service
  • identification of the sponsoring organization or department
  • whether there is any charge for the event
  • the date/time/location of the event
  • reason for the event/activity/service
  • contact person's name, phone number or e-mail address

A sample of the proposed poster/flyer should be submitted either by email lfisher@kent.edu or delivered in person to the Korb Hall Reception Desk attention Laurel Fisher. The Department of Residence Services will review each submission and notify the student organization if approval is granted, denied, or if changes need to be made. For this purpose, please include contact information when dropping off the flyer.

The poster should be no larger than 8 1/2"x11".

After Approval is Obtained for Posters/Flyers:

  1. The student organization/University departments should bring the approved version of the flyer to the Korb Hall Reception Desk counted out by hall as outlined below. 
  2. Student organizations/University departments should have the piles of flyers clearly marked by hall (as outlined below).  If the organization only wants to advertise in select halls – that is OK – the piles should reflect the targeted halls.
  3. The Korb Hall Reception Desk staff will place the flyers into RHD/ARHD mailbox for each hall.
  4. The RHD/ARHD will pass the flyers to the RA staff in their halls and the RA will post a flyer on the floor where he/she lives. 
  5. The RAs will remove flyers from the floors once the date has passed.
  6. Please note: the process of getting the flyers to the individual floors may take several days so flyers need to be brought to Korb within 5 days of the event or they will not be posted.

Quantities of Posters/Flyers:

It is the student organization/University department's responsibility to count and separate the appropriate number of flyers for each residence hall. The numbers reflect the number of staff members in each hall as well as the lobby and desk areas (if applicable) for each hall location. The flyers should be grouped and labeled with the residence hall name and then brought to Korb Hall.

Residence Hall # of Staff Members # of Lobby Areas or Area Desks TOTAL # of Posters/Flyers

Allerton Family Apartments

9 1 10
Allyn/Clark 14 2 16
Beall/McDowell/Van Campen 12 3 15
Centennial A/B 8 1 9
Centennial C/D 8 1 9
Centennial E/F 10 1 11
Fletcher/Manchester 14 2 16
Koonce 10 1 11
Leebrick/Korb 17 2 19
Prentice/Dunbar 10 2 12
Lake/Olson 12 2 14
Stopher/Johnson 12 2 14
Verder/Engleman 11 2 13
Wright 9 1 10
179 = TOTAL