Unified Messaging

This is a new feature offered under our Cisco Unified Communications suite. Kent State users can request to have their voicemail messages forwarded to an individual email account or distribution list. Voicemail messages left by outside callers to a Kent State telephone number can be retrieved directly from an office phone, by dialing into the system from any telephone, or by having voicemail messages delivered to a Kent State email account.

Telephone Headsets

Network & Telecomm Services (NTS) tests and provide a list of known working models and configurations guides for Office Telephone headsets. For Jabber clients; a headset will work if it works with the computer's operations system.

Please Note: Network & Telephone Services does NOT provide end users or departments with headsets for Office Telephones or for PCs/MACs with Jabber Clients.


Teleconference bridge services can be done as scheduled, ad-hoc or continuous (Dedicated Bridge Number).

A telephone conference service allows multiple participants to be connected together seamlessly over a conference bridge. Traditional telephone access for the conference bridge is done by dialing a toll-free or direct-dial number and supplying a conference bridge number.