RecycleMania, E-CycleMania and Shred-Mania Return to Kent State in February and March

By Kate Schwanke

Kent State University will compete in RecycleMania starting Feb. 8 for eight weeks to increase recycling efforts on campus.

RecycleMania is a national competition among colleges and universities to promote waste reduction and recycling. Created in 2001, RecycleMania is a nonprofit organization made up of sustainability managers from a variety of universities who wanted a way to motivate students to recycle. This is the seventh consecutive year that Kent State is competing in RecycleMania.

Kent State University Associate Professor Molly Merryman and the Wick Poetry Center are recipients of the university's diversity awards, presented during the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration.

See why our future is so bright! 

Priority registration for Honors College students for the fall 2016 semester will begin on Friday, March 18.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has granted an extension on producing and filing the 1095-C tax form. As such, the 1095-C tax form is not required for full-time, benefits-eligible employees to file 2015 taxes.

Kent State University will still make the 1095-C form available to employees as soon as possible, and will file the forms with the IRS once they are completed.

There is a box on the 1040 tax form that should be checked if you had “qualifying health care coverage” for all of 2015.

Kent State University is currently offering employees the opportunity to apply for guaranteed-issue Aflac short-term disability coverage (up to $3,000) to supplement any existing benefits. That means no medical questionnaire is required*.

Short-term disability coverage is designed to provide, to persons insured, coverage for disabilities resulting from a covered accident or sickness, subject to any limitations set forth in the policy. Coverage is not provided for basic hospital, basic medical-surgical or major medical expenses.

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