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Ph.D. candidate Aidan Ruth's research on the position of the foramen magnum was featured in Inside Science- read the full story here!!

Please join us in congratulating Angelia Werner on her award! The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) research grant will fund Angelia's thesis project that will examine North America's first invention, the Clovis point. Angelia will employ experimental archaeology to understand the function of these unique tools.

Here is a chance to keep tabs on the anthropology department's newest addition as he 'breaks ground' at Kent State! Dr. Metin Eren is currently adjunct faculty and will be joining us full-time in the fall. Check out the Eren lab on twitter here!


Deepraj Mukherjee, Ph.D., assistant professor of economics at Kent State University at Stark, was recently awarded a grant in support of his research, titled “Location Strategies of Emerging Country Multinationals: Evidence from Indian Firms.”

Dr. Bradley A. Bielski, dean and chief administrative officer of Kent State Tuscarawas, believes  student clubs, organizations and athletics enhance the collegiate experience. With that goal, he is leading an initiative to dramatically expand the athletic programs offered by the campus, as well as reinstituting choir and band as credit courses.

Join us in congratulating Cody on this major accomplishment! Learn about Cody's project here!

To learn more about the NSF EAPSI program, click here.


PhD Candidate Aidan Ruth's research was featured in MuseLab's Beauty of Data Exhibit. Read the full story here!

See the full exhibit at the MuseLab wall gallery, Kent State University School of Library and Information Science, 3rd floor of the University Library, through fall semester 2016.

Are you looking for an exciting course to take in the fall? Check out our new Intro to Forensic Anthropology course that will be taught by Dr. Linda Spurlock. The course number is AS10095 (CRN 10783).

Are you curious about what anthropology is or what career opportunities are availabble? Check out this resource from the American Anthropological Association!