Director's Welcome

2020 has in many respects been an extraordinarily challenging year for all of us at the AMLCI. COVID-19 has changed the way we teach, interact with one another, and do research. Social distance and virtual meeting have become the new normal and new words we added to our daily vocabulary. However, there are also encouraging news for the AMLCI: In the Fall of 2020, the new Anton Paar Materials Characterization Lab will open. Established in partnership with Anton Paar, this new lab in the LCM Building will house new optical, spectroscopic as well as mechanical materials characterization tools. Thanks to funding from the NSF and the Ohio Action Fund as well as cost share from KSU, we will soon also see the installation of a world-class ultrasmall, small and wide-angle X-ray scattering facility in KSU’s Integrated Science Building - AMLCI’s new expansion. Our new Symposium Series called Materials Day with a theme of “Materials for Energy and Sensing” will now most likely be held as a virtual event in April 2021. This event will be co-organized by the AMLCI and the Environmental Science & Design Research Initiative (ESDRI).

We also hope to grow in numbers, not only by continuing to reach out to faculty already at KSU but also via targeted, cross-disciplinary new hires in materials science. In this regard, please join me in welcoming a familiar face at the institute, Dr. Deña Mae Kooijman, as the senior research engineer and manager of the AMLCI Cleanroom Research & Prototyping Facility.

Jointly with our Internal and External Advisory Boards, our dedicated faculty, students and postdocs as well as our devoted staff, I am looking forward to strengthening our research and educational missions towards an AMLCI that continues to be recognized both nationally and internationally for cutting edge research in advanced materials science. Please continue to stay safe and follow the Flashes Safe Eight Guidelines.