Director's Welcome

The AMLCI occupies a distinctive position in the current advanced materials research environment by focusing on adaptive, responsive and active materials. Building upon a world-leading research strength in liquid crystals and soft matter, the AMLCI embraces a comprehensive approach to interdisciplinary advanced materials research particularly at the interface between materials and soft, responsive as well as active matter. Further branching out to related research disciplines; the AMLCI plays a leading international role in exploring responsive, adaptive and active materials that interact with their environment in unexpected and yet unexplored ways.

Researchers from the mathematical sciences, engineering, and the key physical sciences — physics, chemistry, biology — engage in exploring new phenomena and solve challenging future problems, generally expanding adaptive, responsive and active materials knowledge by conducting research at and exploiting the unique features of interfaces between soft matter and bio- as well as nanomaterials.


In partnership with artists, fashion designers and manufacturing experts the AMLCI explores new ways to design advanced materials products and integrate devices into new technology. Last but not least, the AMLCI engages in collaborations with a range of industry partners and the general public to advance materials and soft matter science.


We have an exciting time ahead of us as we expand our research and membership portfolio. I encourage you to make use of all the physical and intellectual resources of the AMLCI, and I hope to see you at upcoming events or welcome you as a visitor, colleague, or collaborator.


Torsten Hegmann

Director, AMLCI