General Equipment

Type Description

Band Saw

Brand:  DoALL

Model:  2013-V3; Serial Number 526-96108; KSU Tag number 173241

Power:  230V, 3-phase, 10.5 A

Blade:  154"

Drive Belt:  207359

Electric Schematic:  517519

Adjust summary numbers:  207857

Company:  DoALL Sawing Products, 1480 South Wolf Road, Wheeling IL, 60090 

Customer Service  888-362-5572  x12030

Instruction Manual (OEM):  2013-V3, MN 526

Parts List (PDF)

FAQ:  Blades, Cutting Fluids and Machine Issues (PDF)

Blades: Bimetal and Carbide (PDF)Carbon Steel (PDF)Diamond (PDF)Tungsten Grit (PDF)HoneyComb (PDF)

Bimetal (LCI type) MSDS (PDF)

Cutoff Saw     

Brand:  Everett

MN:  16 MIT        SN:  7-3728

Operating Instructions (PDF)

General Info (PDF)

Spec Sheet (PDF)

Product Catalog (PDF)

Schematic (PDF)

EverettPriceList (PDF)

Dry Reinforced Abrasive Cutting Wheels (PDF)                                                            

Material Data Safety Sheet (PDF)

Large Sander     

Brand:  Wilton

MN:  4200A   SN:  606028 

6" by 48" belt, 12" disc sander

Operating Instructions (PDF)

Spec Sheet (PDF)

Wilton 4200A Parts List and Diagram 1 (PDF)                                                             

Wilton 4200A Parts List and Diagram 2 (PDF)

Wilton 4200A Parts List and Diagram 3 (PDF)

Drill Press

Brand:  Wilton

MN:  3816   SN: 31589

Operating Instructions (PDF)

Spec Sheet (PDF)

Wilton A3816 Parts List and Diagram (PDF)                                                                

Large Grinder

Brand:  Baldor

Cat# 8107WD

InfoSheet (PDF)

Spec Sheet (PDF)

Grinders and Accesories (PDF)     Parts List (PDF)                                                      

Diagram (PDF)      CAD Drawing (DWG)

Small Grinder

Brand:  Delta

MN: 23-645  SN: W9315   ½” arbor   rpm 3450                                                           


Operation Manual (PDF)

Parts List and Diagram (PDF)

Small Sander

Brand:  Wilton

MN: 4002   SN CH060288 

Operation Manual (PDF)

Wilton 4002 Parts List and Diagram 1 (PDF)                                                               

Wilton 4002 Parts List and Diagram 2 (PDF)

Arbor Press

Brand:  Famco  

MN:  A35-8


Arbor Presses and Specs (PDF)                                                                                   

Catalog and drawings (PDF)

Vertical Tapper

Brand:  FlexArm

MN:  A-32     SN:  016595    Motor:  400 rpm                                                          

Company Web site

Full Operation Manual  (PDF)

Pneumatic Motor Manual  (PDF)                    Torque Holder diagram  (PDF)

Tap Holder Size1 dimensions  (PDF)             Arm working area  (PDF)


Brand:  Baldor

Cat#  111   SN:  B1104050503                                                                                   

Spec:  G6-209-70

3600 rpm, 33 HP

Specs and Parts  (PDF)

Bench Vise

Brand:  Wilton

MN:  111105

5" wide jaws

5-6" max jaw span                                                                                                        

Parts Diagram

Advanced Equipment

Type Description

Manual Mill     

Brand:  Bridgeport                                                                                            

Bridgeport Manual (PDF)

Manual Lathe

Brand:  Emco                                                                                                     

Instruction Manual  (PDF)

Ad Specs  (PDF)

Service Parts  (PDF)

CNC Mill

Brand:  Cleveland                                                                                             

Mill Manual  (PDF)

Centroid Manual  (PDF)

CNC Lathe

Brand:  Eisen                                                                                                     

Manual  (PDF)

Brochure  (PDF)

Brochure2  (PDF)