NSF sponsored research at the Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute: Controlled placement of colloids by patterns liquid crystals

Two topological defects, called boojums, in a very thin liquid crystal film. The defects are seen as focal points of birefringent patterns. The texture is unique as they have the same topological charge and typically repel each other.Exploration of liquid crystals often brings beautiful images of birefringent textures with topological defects and structures that underscore the intimate connections between condensed matter, optics and mathematics. Oleg Levrentovich's two images of liquid crystals have been selected for outdoor exhibition and put on display between July 15 - July 22 2017 in the curt of Ljubljana, Slovenia, during the International conference "10th Liquid Matter Conference". As stated by the organizing committee, the selected submissions have been judged for their combination of striking visual qualities, scientific and general public interest, and diversity. The presented artworks were intended to be a visual record of the aesthetic and science of contemporary liquid matter research, to be shared both with fellow researchers and the general public. http://liquids2017.ijs.si/art-exhibition/

POSTED: Friday, May 11, 2018 10:03 AM
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