Seminar: Spectral Imaging and Enhanced Sensing with Metasurfaces

Dr. Augustine Urbas, Air Force Research Laboratory

Plasmonics, metamaterial, and metasurface systems are enabling Air Force relevant technologies across the electromagnetic spectrum. Detecting optical signals in the mid and long wave infrared are significant to a range of Air Force missions and drive research to increase performance and functionality of imaging systems. Both spectral and spatial information is obtained in images with hyperspectral imaging systems but at the cost of significant volume and complexity. Moreover, new challenges arise as detector pixel counts increase and the information desired from image data needs to be more widely used. Limitations on data communication rates provide a bottle neck for acquiring and processing the increasingly large data sets. Compressive sensing may allow for the acquisition of more efficient data with higher information content, while preserving mission utility. Our research develops a combined method to integrate metasurface and micro-optical elements onto detector structures which can both improve their performance and provide a means to introduce compressive spectral sensing methods. We employ computational optimization techniques in the design of the metasurfaces by analyzing their performance in a detector system. By constructing a comprehensive multiscale simulation environment which cover the optical, plasmonic, and electronic domains, we can efficiently and comprehensively capture detector function and performance for a wide range of designs and incorporate compressive sensing performance into the design loop. We will present the results of several design and experimental studies of improved device functionality and performance. This example concept demonstrates how metasurfaces enable increased functionality in infrared detection systems. Future developments in the development of functional metasurfaces for increased detector capabilities will be discussed.


Liquid Crystal Material Science Building

Room 101

April 3, 2019

3:00 p.m.

POSTED: Wednesday, April 3, 2019 - 11:09am
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