The graduate-level physics programs at Kent State University offer solidly-based fundamental course work and the opportunity to do experimental or theoretical research with first-class scientists. Our research groups enjoy international recognition in front-line areas of physics, we have excellent experimental and computational facilities, and we interact extensively with other strong research centers.

grad studentsThe quality of our physics programs are reflected in our success in competing nationally for grant support and in the publication record of our faculty and students. Data from the American Institute of Physics (AIP) for a three-year period during the 1990s, when statistics were last compared with peer departments, showed the KSU Physics Department's extramural funding per faculty to be the highest in Ohio. A ranking of physics PhD programs, published by the National Research Council, rated our program in the top 5% nationwide in both the percentage of faculty publishing regularly and the percentage engaged in sponsored research. In publications per faculty, the same study ranked Kent near the top 20% nationwide. 

Our graduates enter initial employment in permanent positions at a higher rate than national norms (based on AIP data). The PhD physics program at Kent has been a major source in the US for PhD physicists employed in the area of liquid crystal applications, and our program offers excellent flexibility to choose among research topics spanning the full range from fundamental theoretical work to highly application-oriented experimental physics.