Building on the foundation of the Glenn H. Brown Liquid Crystal Institute’s 50-year legacy of cutting edge science, the AMLCI embraces all materials research on campus, with an initial emphasis on materials that respond to changes in their environment.

The AMLCI engages a large interdisciplinary team of liquid crystal researchers, and experts in nanoscience and technology, biomaterials, organic semiconductors, and organic electro-optics. The AMLCI reaches well beyond the traditional STEM disciplines to engage faculty and students who use the advanced materials developed here at Kent State. Examples of this reach includes faculty from the School of Fashion and the College of Podiatric Medicine, who are pushing the boundaries of wearable technology; faculty of the College of Architecture who are developing buildings with smart windows and skins; and Faculty from the College Aeronautics and Engineering, who are developing the next generation of fuel cells. The AMLCI builds collaborations beyond KSU with Institutions, individual researchers with complimentary skills, and industries that apply our discoveries.