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A translation degree can open doors to a lot of career opportunities since translators play an important role in bringing people and companies together. With global business taking on a more prominent role in the world, the need to communicate across languages is vital. There is an increasing need for business translation in the workplace, and with a business translation degree you’ll be well suited for a variety of roles.

A Business Translation Career

Effective business translating will likely always be crucial to companies, since miscommunication or translation errors can be quite costly for businesses. Additionally, one of the most important aspects of a company is its brand message, and this message must be localized if a business wants to attract a global audience.

For those in the field, a role in business translation or financial translation may include translation of financial and other company reports, product descriptions, marketing materials, and advertisements. Companies also use translators for website translations, contracts and agreements, and product and packaging descriptions. The opportunities are endless!

Business Translation Degree at Kent State

Kent State University offers an M.A. in Translation program that prepares students to be skilled translators and language professionals when they finish the program. Our program is ideal for students who want to pursue professional careers in translation, localization, and language industry project management. It is also ideal for those working in careers with multilingual environments such as international business, social services, or information science.

At Kent State, there are two options for this program: onsite and online. While you are pursuing your translation degree, some of the courses that you will take include the following.

TRST 60009 Documents in Multilingual Contexts

This course is an essential introduction to basic translation tools such as text aligners, translation memories, and text editors. It also serves as an in-depth study of the role of documents in a multilingual information cycle.

TRST 60011 Terminology and Computer Applications for Translators

TRST 60011 is a detailed introduction course to computer assisted translation technology, including applications in terminology management, post-editing and working with machine translation.

TRST 60012 Software Localization

The focus on this course is on approaches to localization and localization tools. Students become familiar with similarities and differences between translation and localization as important language industry fields.

TRST 60013 Project Management in the Language Industry

This course includes provides an overview of stakeholders in the language industry and their respective roles. Students become familiar with work breakdown structures including scheduling, costing, quality assurances and the use of project management software.

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