What is Anti-Racist Research?

AREI seeks to advance racial justice through scholarship. Anti-racist scholarship is broadly characterized by the following: a focus on ways that racism undermines the well-being, safety, and social mobility of racially marginalized populations; and, a prioritization of actions that address the causes and consequences of racism and work toward equitable outcomes. Equity refers to an absence of systemic disparities between groups that have varying access to resources such as health care, education, and security.

Anti-racist work is comprehensive and diverse. This is reflected in our extensive network of faculty and affiliates that spans multiple schools, colleges, campuses, and communities. We invite you to join us as we work together to promote equity for all.

Suggested Reading:
Doucet, F. 2021. Identifying and Testing Strategies to Improve the us of Antiracist Research
Evidence through Critical Race Lenses. William T. Grant Foundation.