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(last updated 1/8/2019)

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  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology    
Darren Bade, PhD Limnology and biogeochemistry of the Great Lakes systems. X  
Christie Bahlai, PhD Phenology and population ecology of insects. X X
Chris Blackwood, PhD Soil biogeochemistry, plant-microbe interactions, and forest ecology. X X
Andrea Case, PhD Reproductive systems in flowering plants.    
David Costello, PhD Biogeochemistry with a focus on chemical contaminants and invasive species in freshwater ecosystems. X X
Ferenc de Szalay, PhD Factors regulating invertebrate communities in aquatic habitats.    
Mark Kershner, PhD Lake community ecology, predator-prey interactions, and fish ecology.    
Lauren Kinsman-Costello, PhD Effects of hydrology on aquatic nutrient biogeochemistry and ecosystem function.   X-Spring 2019
Laura Leff, PhD Microbial ecology of aquatic ecosystems with an emphasis on the bacterial ecology of streams.   X
Jen Mou, PhD Linking of bacterial phylogeny with metabolic function in natural aquatic environments. X X
Oscar Rocha, PhD Ecological factors that affect genetic variation in natural populations of plants and animals. X X
David Ward, PhD The ecology of plant species redistributions.    
  Cell Biology    
Derek Damron, PhD
Transient receptor potential (TRP) ion channel signal transduction and cardiovascular regulation: cellular and molecular mechanisms of action.
Gail Fraizer, PhD Molecular and genetic mechanisms underlying tumor development.   X-Spring 2019
Elda Hegmann, PhD Liquid crystal elastomers as novel dynamic and spatial 3D in vitro systems to simulate and study development of tissues, and complex interplay between cells.    
Min-Ho Kim, PhD Mechanisms underlying the inflammatory response and the development of therapeutics to promote the resolution of non-healing chronic wounds. X X-Spring 2019
Edgar Kooijman, PhD Biophysical characterization of protein-lipid interactions.    
Gary Koski, PhD Cancer immunology.    
Manabu Kurokawa, PhD Cancer biology, resistance to targeted therapy, and protein ubiquitination and degradation pathways. X X
Michael Model, PhD The physiology of cell volume and death. X X
Helen Piontkivska, PhD Molecular evolution of genes and genomes. X X
Srinivasan Vijayaraghavan, PhD Biochemical basis for the development of sperm function.    
Heather Caldwell, PhD Behavioral neuroendocrinology with a focus on the contributions of oxytocin and vasopressin to the neural regulation of behavior. X  
Gemma Casadeus-Smith, PhD Pathological mechanisms underlying memory loss and dysfunction during normal aging and neurodegenerative diseases. X X
Wilson Chung, PhD The role of fibroblast growth factors in the regulation of fetal brain morphogenesis. X X
Robert Clements, PhD Biomedical and stereoscopic imaging and visualization.    
Lique Coolen, PhD Spinal cord injury, drug addiction, and neuroendocrine function. X X
Ernie Freeman, PhD Brain mechanisms involved in lesion formation in multiple sclerosis.    
John Johnson, PhD Interactions between the nervous and immune systems, with a focus on changes in behavior.    
Woo-Yang Kim, PhD Cellular and molecular mechanism underlying brain development. X X
Michael Lehman, PhD Reproductive neuroendocrinology, developmental programming of reproduction, and neurobiology of circadian rhythms. X X
Jennifer McDonough, PhD Identification of neuroprotective therapies for multiple sclerosis.    
Eric Mintz, PhD Neural mechanisms of circadian rhythm regulation. X X
Devin Mueller, PhD Neural mechanisms of drug-related learning and memory. X X
Colleen Novak, PhD Neural modulation of physical activity and energy expenditure. X X
Greg Tinkler, PhD Comparative neuroanatomy of the aging brain. X X-Spring 2019
Mechanisms regulating the development of sex differences in the brain.    
Kristy Welshhans, PhD Mechanisms underlying appropriate connectivity in the developing nervous system, with a focus on Down syndrome. X