Behavioral neuroscience

All of our faculty members have active research programs and are involved in graduate student training. Feel free to contact any of our Neuroscience Program faculty listed below by clicking on the link to their email address.

Name Email Phone Specialty
Heather K. Caldwell 330-672-3636 Ph.D., Georgia State University. Neuropeptide regulation of social behaviors and neuropsychiatric disorders. More on Caldwell
Wilson Chung 330-672-3641 Ph.D., University of Amsterdam. Neuroendocrine brain, androgens, fibroblast growth factor signaling. More on Chung
Sheila Fleming 330-325-6568 Ph.D., Arizona State University. More on Fleming
Ernest J. Freeman 330-672-2383 Ph.D., Kent State University. Mechanisms of neurodegeneration, multiple sclerosis, mitochondrial function, glutamate, GABA and neuronal energy. More on Freeman
T. Lee Gilman 330-672-2201 Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University. Influences of diet, stress and genetic variation on emotions, behavior, and overall brain & body health.  More on Gilman.
Michael Lehman 330-672-1855 Ph.D. University of Michigan, Reproductive neuroendocrine system of the brain in mammals as governed by intricate neural and hormonal communication between the brain, pituitary gland and gonads.  More on Lehman
William P. Lynch 330-325-6137 Ph.D., Cornell University. Mechanisms of neurodegeneration, CNS gene therapy, RNA tumor virus pathogenesis, microglia development. More on Lynch
Mary Ann Raghanti 330-672-9354 Ph.D., Kent State University. Comparative neurobiology, evolution, cognition, behavior. More on Raghanti
Jeffrey J. Wenstrup 330-325-6630 Ph.D., Indiana University. Neural mechanisms of hearing and acoustic communication, including emotional responses to sound. More on Wenstrup