All of our faculty members have active research programs and are involved in graduate student training. Feel free to contact any of our Neuroscience Program faculty listed below by clicking on the link to their email address.

Name Email Phone Specialty
Jianxin Bao 330-325-6445 Ph.D., University of Florida.  Aging, Auditory Neuroscience, Gene Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy, Presbycusis, Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, Tinnitus. More on Bao
Alexander V. Galazyuk 330-325-6640 Ph.D., A.A. Bogomoletz Inst. Physiol. Neuroscience of hearing, critical role of timing in sound processing. More on Galazyuk
Yong Lu 330-325-6656 Ph.D., Univ. Missouri-Columbia. Neurotransmitter systems, GABA, glutamate, audition. More on Lu
Jeffrey Mellott 330-325-6625 PhD., University of Texas at Dallas. Age-related changes to inhibitory circuitry in the auditory pathways.  More on Mellott
Bruna Mussoi 330-672-0251 Ph.D. University of Iowa.  Age-related changes in speech perception, auditory electrophysiology, effects of cognition.  More on Mussoi
Merri J. Rosen 330-325-6516 Ph.D., Duke University. Neural correlates of auditory perception: effects of hearing loss and experience during development. More on Rosen
Brett R. Schofield 330-325-6655 Ph.D., Duke University. Functional anatomy of auditory pathways. More on Schofield
Jeffrey J. Wenstrup 330-325-6630 Ph.D., Indiana University. Neural mechanisms of hearing and acoustic communication, including emotional responses to sound. More on Wenstrup
Bradley Winters 330-325-6114 Ph.D., Washington State University.  Cellular neurophysiology of brainstem sound localization circuits that process timing and intensity differences between the two ears.  More on Winters