Referrals to CAPS

Faculty or staff can help a student connect to mental health services by encouraging the student to call CAPS during regular business hours 330-672-2487 to schedule an initial consultation appointment.  

If a faculty or staff member is concerned about a student, or is unsure how to provide support, they may also contact our office during business hours and be connected with an on-call clinician who can provide immediate consultation and guidance.

If a student is currently at risk to themselves or others, faculty or staff should call 911 for immediate assistance.

In rare situations, if the faculty or staff member feels that the student may be at risk of harm to themselves or others, or are unsure about the safety of the student, they can contact Kent State Police services and request a “wellness check.” If deemed necessary, Kent State Police Services will talk directly with the student and determine whether additional evaluation and/or treatment may be needed. Kent State Police Services are trained in mental health crisis intervention and may have the student transported to the nearest emergency department or to Coleman Access for an emergency evaluation, if appropriate.