What to Expect

CAPS is providing both in-person and teletherapy services, but all initial consultations are conducted remotely.  Students requesting an initial consultation will be scheduled with a CAPS clinician and will be asked to complete a number of forms (e.g., demographics, informed consent, information regarding fees and financial responsibility) through our client portal prior to the session.  Insurance information will also be collected in case students need to be seen beyond their six covered sessions.  Initial consultation appointments will be conducted using Microsoft Teams which is a HIPAA-compliant, synchronous audiovisual videoconferencing platform.  A link for that first session will be sent closer to the time of the appointment. 

Prior to the initial consultation, the clinician will review all of the forms, and discuss them as well as confidentiality at the beginning of the evaluation.  During the assessment process, the clinician will inquire about the student's concerns, mental health history, current symptoms and stressors, family history, medical concerns, substance use, and other relevant issues.

Students are free to ask questions or to inquire about the treatment process.  Students should not hesitate to mention a symptom because they think it’s “all in their head.” If students are unable to remember all of the symptoms they are experiencing, they may want to make a list of their symptoms to take to the appointment.  It is also helpful to have information regarding current or previous treatment, names of treatment providers, and/or medication prescribed.