Welcome to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS is now providing both in-person and telehealth services, and is offering a variety of workshops, skill series, and outreach options that promote resiliency, reduce stress, and build the skills necessary to be successful here at Kent State University. We also offer both group and individual counseling as well as crisis support.  

As a comprehensive student counseling center, we are committed to creating an environment that is welcoming and affirming, that honors diversity, and that values individual and cultural differences. CAPS is staffed by licensed counselors and psychologists who provide culturally sensitive and trauma informed care. We support student success by providing high quality, personalized care to all KSU students and consultation to the university community. Please explore our website to see all that CAPS can offer and how we can help you with your mental health and academic needs.

NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE? (330) 672-2487

We are accepting new clients. CAPS is providing in-person and tele-counseling services. Tele-therapy is easy, convenient, confidential, and effective! Students must have access to a laptop and wi-fi for video conferencing and privacy to talk.

Call (330) 672-2487 to request a consultation with one of our clinicians.


Flexible Care Model



CAPS Flexible Care Model offers students an opportunity to consult with a CAPS clinician and develop a personalized plan to address their mental health concerns and needs.  The plan is based on the student’s needs and goals, will connect students with the most appropriate type of support and resources, and will likely incorporate a variety of services. 




Campus Connections

Referral and linkage to other campus departments and resources to support a student’s academic, basic, interpersonal, and developmental needs.

Self-Help Resources

Supportive and educational materials that students can utilize in a self-directed manner including apps, videos, infographics, and modules made available through the CAPS website.

Workshops & Skills Series

Sessions designed to teach skills on a variety of topics related to mental health and well-being.

Group Counseling

Understanding Self and Others (USO) groups are a powerful and highly effective way to address a range of mental health concerns, especially those with an interpersonal component. Led by CAPS clinicians, these groups provide opportunities for students to give and receive feedback in a safe, supportive, and confidential environment.  


Psychological testing is available for ADD/ADHD, learning disorders, cognitive functioning (e.g., intelligence, memory, executive functioning), personality, and substance use concerns.  When clinically appropriate, testing can help clarify a mental health diagnosis and set appropriate treatment goals.

Collegiate Recovery Community

Substance use assessments and treatment are available through CAPS, along with a weekly support group.  Our Collegiate Recovery Community also offers peer support, fellowship, and sober activities for students in recovery, students seeking recovery from substance use disorder(s), and students impacted by family members’ substance use disorders.

Community Partnerships

Case management helps students access community services in a more effective manner.  Through our community partnerships, students can be directed toward more specialized services including long-term therapy, more intensive treatment, and specialized assessments.

Individual Counseling

Seeing a counselor or psychologist individually can be helpful to address clearly defined treatment goals in a brief, short-term model.