Workshops & Skills Series

CAPS is pleased to offer live virtual and in-person workshops (1-session) and skills series (multiple sessions) to support students in developing skills on a variety of topics related to mental health and well-being. All workshops and skills series are offered at no cost, and students are welcome to attend as many as they like.


Toolbox with a wrench, screwdriver, and hammer in it.

Anxiety Toolbox Skills Series

Develop strategies to cope effectively with life's stresses. Learn More & Register

Illustration of two faces talking to eachother with a speech bubble above each of them.

Assertive Communication

Learn about different types of communication and considerations for how firm or gentle to be when communicating. Learn More & Register

Illustration of a hand motioning to stop inside of an octagon.

Building Better Boundaries

How to create and maintain healthy personal boundaries. Learn More & Register

Illustration of two hands shaking.

Healthy Relationships

Learn signs of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships and build effective relationship skills. Learn More & Register

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International Student Lunch Conversations

CAPS and OGE are partnering to provide a safe space for International Students to gain fellowship and support. LEARN MORE & REGISTER

Illustration of a tree full of leaves and it's roots.

Letting Go of Perfectionism

Develop more self-compassion, healthy goals and standards. Learn More & Register

Illustration of a lotus flower

Living Mindfully

Learn ways to live more mindfully every day using meditation and other techniques. Learn More & Register

Three speech bubbles with faces talking to each other over blue background.

Navigating Social Spaces Skills Series

Learn to navigate challenges in social spaces and relationships. Learn More & Register

Illustration of an hour glass with sand flowing to the bottom.

The Procrastination Trap

Learn strategies to boost motivation & skills to improve time management. Learn More & Register

Illustration of a daisy flower growing in the grass.

Self-Care: Build Your Stress Survival Kit

Identify strategies to reduce unhealthy levels of stress & options for self-care. Learn More & Register

Illustration of a hand holding a heart shape sprouting from some leaves.

Silencing Your Inner Critic 

Determine ways to reduce self-criticism and improve self-compassion. Learn More & Register

Illustration of a person sleeping in a bed.

Sleep 101

Learn ways to improve your life by improving your sleep.  Learn More & Register

Illustration of a mind busting opening to relieve stress.

Stress Buster

Learn four simple tools that can be used to take the edge off stress and anxiety. Learn More & Register

Icon of hand drawing on book over blue background.

Therapeutic Journaling

Use therapeutic journaling to gain insight and perspective. Learn More & Register