Self-Help Tools

Learning how to manage your mental health is an important step in maintaining your overall well-being, and self-help tools can help guide the process. Resources available come in a variety of methods—whether you’re exploring an app, watching a video, or completing a guided meditation, YOU get to choose your own path and tailor these options specifically to your needs and interests.

When considering which resources to interact with, perhaps you ask yourself what do you need to gain? How do you best learn? How do you like to cope? CAPS has compiled a comprehensive collection of self-directed resources on common mental health concerns for you to explore.

Academic Concerns
Adjusting to Life Transitions (Entering college, Graduation, & Others)

Anxiety and Worry (worksheets)

Calm (App-calming music, meditations, & sleep stories)

Guided Mind (App-meditation)

Headspace (App-mindfulness & meditation skill building)

Managing Anxiety (toolkits)

Managing Generalized Anxiety (worksheets & workbook)

Managing Social Anxiety (worksheets & workbook)

Sanvello (App-managing anxiety, depression, & stress)

Body Image & Eating Concerns

Appearance Concerns (workbook)

Disordered Eating (workbook)

Good Blocks (App-self esteem, body image, social anxiety & mood)

Depression & Mood

Managing Depression (worksheets & workbook)

Managing Bipolar (worksheets & workbook)

Coping strategies for Crises (website)

Understanding and Managing Emotions (website)

Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy (book)

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (support network)

Virtual Hope Box (App-coping tools)

Sanvello (App-managing anxiety, depression, & stress)

Friendships & Relationships
Grief & Loss
Positive Psychology, Happiness & Wellness

New Era of Positive Psychology (video) - (Martin Seligman – Positive Psychology)

PERMA (video) - (Martin  Seligman – PERMA)

Stress & Mindfulness
Substance Use Concerns