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Visit one of the most rich and historically important countries in Europe and experience history firsthand.

Students will be introduced to the Holocaust as it occurred in Poland from varying points of view represented by survivors, films, art, and museum representations, and will have the opportunity to experience firsthand many of the historic sites with the belief that seeing will lead to ever lasting memories and understandings of the horrific events of this period of time. Students will be required to keep and submit a journal based on their trip and write a short essay about one of the topics covered on the trip. The trip will include visits to Warsaw, Krakow, and Auschwitz – Birkenau. Students will visit museums, listen to speakers, meet with Survivors and Righteous among the Nations, as well as students and professors from local universities.

The following video is from Lauren Eschleman, a participant on the 2017 Spring Break program. 


Student Testimonials and the Impact of this Program

Shoes from Auschwitz"I have these hanging in my garage right by the door into the house. I take it as a daily reminder of how good I have it. Even after a tough day at work." - VIcki Nemeth, 2017


Undoubtedly, one of the moments of the trip was the most special to me: during a Shabbat dinner, I had the opportunity to talk with a Holocaust survivor in Yiddish. His deep, infinite look, his sweet gestures– that moment was so unique, inimitable, irreplaceable. I will always carry it with me wherever I go. - Joshua Kogan, 2017

Perception and Remembrance: The Holocaust in Literature, Film, Theatre And Public Display

1 Credit Hour; AS 30095-001

Program Dates: March 23 - March 30-, 2018
Professor: Chaya Kessler

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In-State $456.00
Out-of State $818.00


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In-State $2,500.002
Out-of-State $2,500.002


1Program fee includes: Airfare, Accommodation, In-Country Transportation, Museum Entrance and Activitiy Fees, and most Meals
2 This total does not include tuition, as the credit hour is included in the Spring semester. Additional tuition charges may apply, depending on the credit hour cap
*Estimated Personal Cost (Not Included): Passport ($135), Snacks, Souvenir Shopping, Free Time Activities, etc.
**Final program fee subject to change; Updated November 20, 2017.


Application deadline: January 26, 2018
Non-Refundable Deposit: February 2, 2018 | $250.00
First payment due: February 9, 2018 | $1,125.00
Second payment due: March 2, 2018 | $1,125.00

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Chaya Kessler | ckessle7@kent.edu
Director of Jewish Studies

Alyssa Mazey, M.Ed. l amazey2@kent.edu
Assistant Director of International Programs and Education Abroad