About the AT&T Classroom

Housed within Kent State University's Research Center for Educational Technology, the AT&T Classroom provides a unique setting to study the potential of educational technologies. The Summer Technology Camps offer chances for young campers to learn about 3D printing, LEGO WeDo  systems, drones coding, robotics, and much more. 

The classroom was founded in 1998 through the generous support of the AT&T Foundation, the Ohio Board of Regents and the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation and has since hosted over 220 classes from 45 schools across the Northeast Ohio region. As a PreK-16 classroom, the AT&T classroom is able to provide students 1:1 access to multiple devices and platforms including touchscreen convertible laptops, iPads, iPod touches, Android tablets, Google Cardboard VR viewers, and several Boogie Board e-writer devices including the Jot 8.5, the Jot 4.5 Clearview, the Play n’ Trace, the Scribble n’ Play and the Sync. Students are able to use these devices to access web-based tools as well as iOS and Android apps. The classroom also has available the LEGO WeDo 2.0 Robotics system, a 3D printer, a SMART Board 6065i interactive flat panel, a wall-mounted Boogie Board LCD e-writer, a digital presentation system, a document camera, a 50-inch flat panel plasma screen TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Squirrels Reflector 2, scanners, printers, digital still and video cameras, and high-definition video recording equipment.

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