Youth Programs

For more information on our Youth Programs, please contact the Office of Continuing Education by email or phone 330-672-3100.

Art Enrichment for Young People Grades K-8
Fall & Spring 

Photo of Art Enrichment kids

By combining art studio activities with discussions of art as it relates to different time periods and cultures, students come to better understand the world of art. Students are organized by cross-age groupings and work with a variety of media to develop their individual art skills.

Art Enrichment for Young People 

Summer STEM & Innovation Camps 2024 Grades 3+ 

Photo of Young Boy Using Technology for AT&T Classroom Technology Summer Camps

The Summer STEM & Innovation Camps offer opportunities for young campers to learn about 3D printing, LEGO® SPIKE™ Essential, coding, game design, and much more. 

Summer STEM Camps for Young People Grades 3+