Participants: Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Continuing and Distance Education offers a wide range of graduate-level workshops in conjunction with the College of Education, Health, and Human Services.

Participants: Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly is a workshop, compared to a regular course?

Workshops are characterized by cutting-edge topics, innovative formats and unconventional scheduling.

When are workshops offered?

Workshops can be offered any time of the year. They need not fit into the "regular" University schedule and can be run on weekends, evenings and over breaks. 

Where are workshops held?

In addition to classrooms and Student Center meeting rooms on the Kent Campus, workshops can be held online, on-site at businesses, schools, hospitals, libraries or other settings. Credit workshops may be offered at Regional Campuses. 

How do I earn credit for a workshop?

Select a credit bearing workshop, then attend and successfully complete the workshop.

Are workshop credits "real" credits?

Yes. Participants who successfully complete credit-bearing workshops will be granted university credits. 

Do I receive a letter grade for workshops?

No. Credit workshop participants are graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.

What's the difference between credit and noncredit programs?

Credit workshops, like credit courses, must meet University and Ohio Board of Regents standards for contact hours and out-of-class time, and must adhere to the cost per credit hour set by the University Board of Trustees. Participants in credit workshops are evaluated according to the instructor's clearly detailed criteria. Noncredit workshops are not tied to the University fee structure.