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Assignments and Grading

All credit workshops involve out-of-class assignments and are graded Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U). We cannot issue grades of NA and SA. A student who “never attends” even one class session will receive a grade of NF (Never attended, F). A student who “stops attending” prior to the course withdrawal deadline will receive a grade of SF (Stopped attending, F). Both NF and SF grades will count as an F (zero quality points) in computing the grade point average.

Graduate Students

In workshops offered for both graduate and undergraduate credit, additional work is usually required for graduate credit. If you are enrolled this semester in other courses or workshops as a graduate student, you may enroll in undergraduate courses but you will be assessed graduate-level fees.

*Non-Ohio Residents: The non-Ohio resident fee is waived if you are taking workshops only this semester. If you are taking classes in addition to workshops, the non-Ohio resident fee is required.

Refunds and Withdrawal

Our refund policy conforms to University policy. Refund amount depends on contact time elapsed. We will not refund special fees for cancellations received within three business days of the workshop start date. Our withdrawal deadlines may differ from university deadlines; call (330) 672-3100 for specific dates or visit the Registrar to access processing dates for classes. To withdraw from a workshop, use FlashLine or write to the Office of Continuing Education.


If we have to cancel a program, we will notify you immediately. You may transfer to another workshop or receive a full tuition refund.

Fees and Charges

Fees and charges are subject to change, and any increases will be billed at a later date.

Staff benefits do not apply to workshop special fees. Confirmation letters, maps and a parking permit (if you purchase one) are mailed approximately two weeks before the start of each workshop.


You must obtain permission to take on overload.

Tax Credit

Enrollment in a workshop may allow you to claim a Lifetime Learning Tax Credit or other educational deduction. Consult your tax adviser for details.