Dr. Jeffrey Mighion | Chemistry & Biochemistry | Kent State University

"Investigations of the Chemistry of Carbonyls and α-Sulfonyl Enamines"

Carbonyl groups are the backbone of organic synthesis and developing new ways to engage these ubiquitous moeties drives the strategies and tactics that can be used towards the synthesis of novel chemical entities. An under-explored area of carbonyl functionalization is the generation and utilization of α-sulfonyl enamines. Readily available in a single operation from ketones or aldehydes and sulfonylmethyl isocyanides, α-sulfonyl enamines are potentially reactive at all three positions of the enamine group and could prove to be useful synthons for small molecule synthesis.

REU students will synthesize new sulfonylmethyl isocyanide reagents, generate their corresponding α-sulfonyl enamines, and explore the reactivity of these α-sulfonyl enamines with the goal of developing novel and useful reactivity. The use of modern organic laboratory chemistry skills, spectroscopy, and synthetic design will be taught over the course of the REU.