Academic Regalia

Identification of the hood and robe as academic apparel is believed to have originated at the English universities of Oxford and Cambridge during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. The hoods are a carry-over from the times when monks, who operated these universities, wore them to protect their shaved heads in winter. The robe is an adaptation of the shoulder cape also worn by these same monks while collecting alms.

Use of the academic robe came to the United States in 1754 with the founding of what is now Columbia University. In 1895, a commission of university officials adopted a universal code of design and color for the academic garb. This code has undergone several revisions in subsequent years with most recent modifications accepted in 1960.

Styling of the robes varies for the bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. The width of sleeve borders and length of the hood increase with each advanced degree.

In the hoods, the color of the velvet border indicates the type of degree held, while the lining designates the official colors of the institution granting it.

Here is a distinguishing color table for academic regalia at Kent State University:

College of Architecture and Environmental Design                         Blue Violet

College of the Arts
          Arts, Fine Arts, Science                                                                   Brown
          Music                                                                                                  Pink

College of Arts and Sciences                                            
         Arts                                                                                                       White
         Sciences                                                                                             Golden Yellow
         Public Administration                                                                       Peacock Blue

Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship                                                    Drab

College of Communication and Information
         Arts, Fine Arts, Science                                                                   Crimson
         Library Science                                                                                 Lemon

College of Education, Health and Human Services                          Light Blue

College of Nursing                                                                                    Apricot

College of Public Health                                                                          Salmon

College of Technology                                                                             Orange