Americana Service Cords 

Americana Service Cords will be presented to Veteran graduates and graduates who are members of the United States Armed Forces, including ROTC Cadets who will be commissioned upon graduation. 

Honorary Degrees 

Honorary degrees are awarded to persons of acknowledged eminence in the arts, letters or sciences, in the professions, or in public service whose contributions are so significant that benefits are recognized and acknowledged on a state, national or international level.

Institutional Honors

Candidates for associate and baccalaureate degrees who demonstrate high levels of scholarship throughout their undergraduate years are graduated with institutional honors. Click here to view eligibility requirements.  

Honor Cord distribution will be facilitated by the Financial, Billing and Enrollment Center for the Spring 2024 semester. For further information regarding your honors eligibility, please contact Financial, Billing and Enrollment Center at fbecenter@kent.edu or at 330-672-6000 or via various options on the Financial, Billing and Enrollment Center website.

President’s Medal

The President's Medal recognizes faculty and administrative staff who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of Kent State University through extraordinary and unique service. The Committee on Citation and Recognition invites faculty and staff members from all campuses to submit nominations for the President's Medal.

University Medallion 

The Kent State University Medallion is intended to honor those who have contributed significantly to the university's well-being but who would not be eligible for an honorary degree or the President's Medal.