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Resources for Faculty

An ELR Designated Course is one that has been reviewed and approved as meeting ELR standards (i.e., student teaching, internships, and capstone).


  1. Faculty discuss interests with the chair/dean
  2. Complete an application and route for approval
  3. Follow the curricular process to obtain institutional approval of the course
  4. If approved, inform students (via online registration and course syllabus) of the experiential learning status of the course and the implications

Full Course Designation

  • Have experiential learning activities infused as a staple component of the curriculum
  • Is required in major programs
  • Have few sections of the course offered
  • Fulfills multiple curricular requirements (i.e., Writing Intensive, Diversity, and ELR)


Section Course Designation

  • Have experiential learning activities infused in the curriculum
  • Have multiple faculty members assigned to teach different sections of the course
  • Is piloted or not offered on a regular basis (i.e. seminar or special topics course)
  • Clearly define ELR components in the course syllabus and during course orientation
  • Evaluate the impact of the experiential learning on student outcomes through reflection and other forms of assessment
  • Submit final grade
  • Consider joining the Community Engaged Learning listserv to receive the newsletter and announcements of upcoming events and opportunities